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Hey guys! Today one of our awesome technicians from Boulder is going to talk about running flash on some of the most recent Android versions……


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The internet is starting to move beyond Flash and flash player but is not there yet. However, Adobe has abandoned Android Software in their support and starting with Android 4.1 and up you can no longer install Adobe flash via the Google Play store.

There is good news though! You can still install and run Adobe flash player on the latest android devices. It just requires some work.

Here’s how:


1) Enable installation of files from unknown sources. This option needs to be enabled because these files are not checked by Google or Adobe. To do this go to Settings > Security > and under device adminstration is the control (a checkbox) to enable/disable this option.

2) Download the latest version of flash player from xdadevelopers. You do not need to download all of the flash player files found on the site. Just the latest one (1 file)

3) (If not already installed) Download and install a file manager or browser



Note: Xda Developers website says to use the dolphin browser, however I personally have tested and verified that after this process is complete flash does play on the integrated browser that comes with the Android OS (as of Android 4.2).

Warning: According to XDA Developers this method will NOT work with the Chrome browser.

1) Copy files to your storage location (Can be internal storage but preferrably an SD card)

2) Using your file manager or browser navigate to where you saved the flash file. Click or short press on the file and you should get an installation prompt. Install the file (may be called a package).

Flash should now be installed on your phone. Congratulations!



To improve performance you can go into your browser settings and uncheck flash player to be always running or on demand.


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