#RespectYourTech By Curing the Low Battery Blues

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Remember when you could go days without charging your device? I guarantee it was before you had a smartphone. Since the advent of the smartphone, most people need to carry their chargers with them wherever they go. Battery life is very precious, especially on the new iPhone 6s and 6s plus, which has less battery life than last year’s iPhones (blame that super cool Taptic Engine). However, there are ways to save on battery life so you’re not asking to use an electrical outlet while at the bar.

“Oh, 20%? Let me text everyone in my contact list that my phone is about to die…”

Image via: OsX Daily

View Your Battery Usage: iOS 9 has a nice little feature. Tucked away in the Battery section of Settings you can see which apps are taking the most out of your battery’s life. If it says that 75% of your battery is being used by sending text messages, maybe you should actually call your S.O. instead of sending a million emojis.

Turn off App Notifications: Do you really need to know that a game you’ve played once is having a sale on credits? Most of the time, app notifications are used as spam. These quick little blurbs can do damage to your battery’s life. You can opt to turn off useless notifications in your Settings.

Don’t Leave Your Device in a Hot or Freezing Car: We’re not going to compare your iPhone to your children (of the human or fur variety), but it is important to you. You wouldn’t leave your kids or pets locked in a car during a heatwave or a snowstorm. Temperature extremes can kill your battery.

Stop Fetching Email: “Why don’t you get off your lazy behind and fetch your own email!”- Your iPhone 

How often do you check your email? Every couple of hours maybe? Your phone is constantly updating your email when fetching is on, so pretend it’s the “You Got Mail” days and turn off fetching and manually check your mail.

Adjust Backlight Settings: Sure, the retina display on the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus is beautiful and impressive, but how often do you need it to be as bright as a late ‘90s rapper’s diamond necklace?

Turn off Location Services: Unless you’re using a map app (Or Tinder, we don’t judge.) you really don’t need to have Location Services on.


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