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We’re all familiar with that wave of helplessness that washes over you the moment you break your smartphone. It’s an immediate day ruiner and forces you to make some tough decisions. If you know that you can’t live with a cracked screen and the frustrations that come with it, you have two choices: you can get a brand new phone or you can get your phone repaired. As a smartphone and electronics repair company, you may think we’re biased, but we believe in the scientific method so we’re going to take an objective look at repair vs. replace.

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Know Your Options Before You Choose

When considering whether to repair or replace your smartphone, most people’s first concern is what each option will cost. Most people either buy or lease their devices through a carrier. If you lease your device and you are making monthly payments to your carrier, you’re not as free to make decisions on repairing. Leasing your device means that at a certain point, you may have to send the device back to the carrier, or pay the remaining balance on it. Many carriers require your phone to meet manufacturer standards upon return and turning in a phone repaired by a third party may not fly with them. But if you paid full price for your device, it is yours and you’re free to repair it, sell it, or even throw it away (please do not throw devices away). 

Option 1: How to Sell Your Device

If your phone is over one year old, you probably are not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty anymore. This means that you’re left with either paying for a new phone or repairing your old one. The new Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone starts at $749.99. You’re able to trade in your old Samsung device for credit, but not if your phone is cracked or broken. You could also sell your old device yourself. On Ebay, a cracked S10 sells for around $300-$375. Gazelle is a site used specifically for buying and selling used smartphones. Through them, you could trade your cracked S10 in for $75 or, if it’s in perfect condition, $375. So there are opportunities out there to earn back some money for your broken device, but to replace your Samsung device, you’re looking at paying the full price, again, of $749.99.

The price of the iPhone XS Max starts at $1099. Apple also has the option to trade in an old phone, but a phone with a broken screen is only eligible for a $110 discount. Replacing your Apple iPhone with the newest model will cost $989.

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Option 2: The Benefits of Repairing Your Device

Now, let’s look at the cost of repairing these same phones. If you brought either your Samsung Galaxy S10 or your iPhone XS into your local uBreakiFix, the approximate price of a screen repair would be $249. These costs can vary slightly based on location as well as any additional damage. Repair is that simple. You walk in with a frustrating and broken device and you leave with a device that works and looks as good as new. All of your photos, notes, passwords, and mobile game high scores are all still there and save. There was no need to worry about new contracts or surprise fees. 

uBreakiFix also has established repair partnerships with Google and Samsung to offer both in warranty and out-of-warranty repairs. An in-warranty repair is a repair that is referred to us through our partners, Samsung and Google. A customer contacts their manufacturer with an issue they are having with their device and they are referred to their closest uBreakiFix store. We can also let you know in-store if you are covered if you’re not sure. The customer will not have to pay anything for the repair because it is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

An out of warranty repair is a repair that is not covered under a manufacturer’s warranty either because it has expired or the damage was physical, like a cracked screen or water damage, and not a hardware or software defect. 

So if you need a repair and you’re still covered by your manufacturer’s warranty, you can get your repair at uBreakiFix. 

The choice is entirely personal and we know it’s not always that simple. The repair is fast and the process easy, come in to your local uBreakiFix store and see for yourself.


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