Repair vs. Replace: Smartphones and Tablets

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Deciding whether to repair or replace your broken smartphone or tablet is a huge decision. it is a more prevalent discussion than ever, because smartphones are, for the most part, made with glass fronts. Glass is used because it allows for more precise touch screen use, as well as thinner front assemblies. Keep reading as we discuss the advantages of repair, and why you should consider uBreakiFix before you jump to replacing a broken device.

Cell Phone Glass Replacement

Let’s talk about smartphones first. If you signed a contract with any of the major carriers like Verizon, Sprint, AT&T or T-Mobile, then you got a discount on your phone. Instead of paying the retail price of $599.99 – $799.99 on the cutting edge device, you may have paid in the range of $99.99 to $299.99. Now that is an important fact to remember because if your phone does break, you will not get that same initial pricing. You will have to pay full retail price. Insurance is an option, but it comes with high deductibles, and a refurbished phone, with none of your important data on it.

Smartphone Repair Technician

Now let’s get into the cost of repairing your phone. I will use an iPhone 5 for this example. The most common break on an iPhone 5 is the glass screen. uBreakiFix will fix the screen for $129.99. Apple will sell you a refurbished iPhone 5 for $229.99 or more, depending on how many GBs of storage are in your broken phone. They will only offer this if you have a broken device. Full retail price for an iPhone 5 is not possible anymore, so the cheapest iPhone available at Apple is the iPhone 5c and it costs $549.99 at full retail pricing.

What if you own an iPad that has a cracked screen? The story isn’t too different here. The glass can be fixed/replaced at uBreakiFix from $129.99 (iPad 1) up to $199.99 for an iPad Air. Apple does offer replacement devices, but they are refurbished devices and usually cost around $100 more than what the repair would have cost.

Repair is inherently more valuable than replacing a device for several reasons. Repair allows you to keep your original device all of your data, pictures, music, etc. you don’t have to worry about transferring data to a new phone. Replacement comes at a steep price, and you still generally receive a refurbished device. Repair is time and cost efficient, and uBreakiFix uses only the highest quality parts, to ensure your phone leaves in better working condition than it arrived in. Make sure you check out uBreakiFix Winter Park for all your smartphone repair and tablet repair needs!


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