Should You Repair or Replace Your Smart Device?

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Stop for a moment and think, is there anyone you know without a cell phone these days? The truth is, it’s quite rare to find someone without this “additional limb” nowadays. So we all share a similar experience in having invested our hard earned money into these much needed devices, but what happens when they malfunction or break? Cell phone insurance used to be the normal way of things for many of us, but what are we really getting when an insurance claim sends a replacement phone our way? You get the familiar question, to repair or to refurbish?

There used to be one option, if something with your phone stopped working, or if you accidentally dropped it, you would file an insurance claim, wait for a refurbished phone, and cross your fingers that it worked the way it should. The other choice was not really a viable financial option for the general public- you could pay full price for a brand new phone and have confidence that it would perform at manufacturer’s standards. It was as though we were living in the Dark Ages of cell phone repair, most us did not really know how they worked, and we did our best to protect them with bulky cases and belt clips. But then a new age approached, people were figuring out how to fix what was broken on these devices, thus preserving the rest of the phone’s functionality and extending their life! A shattered screen no longer meant long wait for a replacement phone to come in the mail, or even a pretty serious dent to your bank account. Repairs could be done for a reasonable price in an even more reasonable amount of time.

Cell phone repair presents the ability for many of a phone’s parts and components to be fixed, while maintaining the quality of the parts that remain intact. Cell phone insurance is becoming more and more fickle as to what it will cover, and the premiums continue to rise in a tighter than ever economy, where cell phone insurance may seem to be more frivolous than necessary. There is an element of inconvenience when waiting for a cell phone replacement as well, there is a waiting game. Though specific to the carrier and the model of the phone being replaced, the time lapse between filing a claim and receiving the replacement phone could be several days to a week or more. Most of us cannot afford to be without a cell phone for an extended amount of time, because we store important elements of our day to day to lives on them. Having your phone repaired generally puts you in a position of having your phone back that same day, while allowing you to keep the phone you have come to know and love as well as other important elements such as data and contact information.

While there is no umbrella solution to every cell phone and its specific needs, bringing your phone in for repair does offer a fast, yet quality and affordable solution for many people. If you have an injured cell phone, and you are unsure what the best option for you might be, you can always stop by your local uBreakiFix to take advantage of our free diagnostics, and make the most informed decision.


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