Remote Learning Resources for Students


Getting kids ready for the new school year may require preparing them for remote learning and while they’ll still be needing pencils, notebooks, and binders, they’ll also need reliable electronics. Make sure they have everything they need for a successful learning-from-home experience with these tips:


A note: You should always listen to the recommendations of the school and teachers before making any decisions regarding remote learning. 


Getting the right tech: 

The most important tools for remote learning are the electronics students will need to stay connected to their classrooms. If they don’t need any specific programs or software, then the only consideration should be choosing a reliable laptop or tablet. Each student has different needs based on their age, grade, and the kinds of activities they will be participating in, but the absolute basics for their tech are an internet connection and a front-facing camera.

If you have the means to purchase something new or refurbished, then we recommend Chromebooks. These small laptops run on a Chrome-based operating system, forgoing all the extras you’d find on a regular laptop. These are especially ideal if your student frequently uses Google suite for their work. These small laptops are also quite affordable and even more-so refurbished.

If you need to repurpose something you already have access to, an iPad or a tablet can work too. Not only will the touchscreen capabilities be helpful, but kids are pros at using tablets and will likely already be familiar with how to use it. To turn a tablet into a useful tool for remote learning, you can get a bluetooth keyboard and a stand. We recommend this inexpensive keyboard and this two-in-one stand or this more pricey one.


Protecting that tech: 

Kids can be less than careful with their favorite electronics. To make sure that your investment in their tech is protected, you should get a case. For laptops and other small computers, you can get a protective shell like this or this, or opt for just a screen protector like this. If you’re using a tablet, there are plenty of cases that also double as stands! This one is particularly kid-proof or this one is a little more sleek.

If disaster strikes, and you need your electronics repaired as soon as possible, you can always call your local uBreakiFix. We’d also be happy to help if you’ve got an old piece of tech that you think could be useful to your student or a student in need if it had just a little sprucing up.


Setting up a learning environment: 

The last, but equally as important, part of having a successful remote learning experience is to make sure your student has a good learning environment. A place that’s quiet and distanced enough from their favorite distractions is crucial. Even though they’re using electronics, you can make sure they stay on task with parental controls. Apps like Net Nanny or Screen Time can limit the websites and apps that your student can access during certain times of the day.

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