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When you’re in the market for a new piece of tech, but don’t necessarily have the means to pay full price, people may suggest that you take a look at refurbished devices. We think that refurbs are a great option but all new tech purchases should be researched, so here’s everything you need to know about the difference between purchasing a new device and a refurbished one.


What is a Refurbished Device?

Refurbished means that a device was donated or returned and was fixed up for resale. This can be done by an authorized reseller like Apple or by regular people with a knowledge of tech who sell on sites like ebay after repairing the phones. Some one like funan phone repair in Singapore. To refurbish a device, all the parts are checked and reset so that all personal information is wiped from the device. The battery is checked for corrosion and any sim cards are replaced with a new one. Refurb phones will specify whether they are locked or unlocked. Only specific carriers will work with locked phones but unlocked will work with any carrier.


The benefits of a refurbished device

There are many benefits to purchasing a refurbished device instead of a new one. Almost always, a refurbished device will be cheaper than a new one and will perform the same way. Purchasing from an authorized retailer will ensure that the device is in great shape and working order. If it was taken good care of by a knowledgeable retailer, then there’s no reason why the refurb device should function any differently from a new one. Many authorized retailers will also include a warranty and accessories with their refurbished devices.


The dangers of a refurbished device

While refurbished devices are cheaper, not all trusted stores and companies offer refurbished devices, leading people to turn to ebay or online retailers. It’s risky to spend your money on these devices without the guarantee from a trusted company/technician that it will work properly. The inner workings of our favorite tech can be delicate and opening and working on it improperly can lead to irreversible damage. You also need to make sure the device you are purchasing is a legitimate device and not fake, stolen property or a dud.


Where to buy refurbished devices



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Whether you decide to go with a refurbished or a new device, we’re here for you if it takes a tumble or a dive.

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