How to Fix a PS4 that Keeps Restarting

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If your PS4 turns off by itself and won’t turn on, don’t give up on gaming forever just yet. To fix a PlayStation 4 stuck on an infinite restart loop or a PS4 that keeps turning off while you’re in the middle of playing, try these 8 easy tips. 

1. Unplug it and plug it back in.

This is by far the easiest solution, but let’s walk through it anyway. You’re going to want to unplug the power cable from the back of the PS4 and wait around 5 to 10 minutes. If the problem persists after this, we’re going to have dig a little bit deeper here.

2. Check to make sure your PS4 is up to date.

This tip’s pretty basic, too, but also easy to miss. You’ll need to go to your settings, look for “System Software Update,” then go ahead and click on that. Next, click “Upgrade Now” and continue from there. 

(Note: You’ll need a working internet connection to update your PS4, so make sure you have one before you update. If you’re having issues with your PS4 connection, that can lead to restart loops. To fix a PS4 that keeps restarting, always keep it up to date.)

3. Make sure your PlayStation 4 isn’t overheating.

Pretty simple here, people- put your hand on your PlayStation. If you feel a burning pain on your hand, or it just feels way too hot to the touch, it’s a safe bet that we’ve got an overheating issue on our hands. Now, the easiest way to fix this is to make sure you don’t have your PS4 anywhere near a heat source (stove, sunlight, oven, etc.). If that isn’t the case, you should also make sure you aren’t blocking any of the fan’s ventilation with an object; basically, just make sure nothing is on top or directly around the PlayStation. Don’t leave pillows on top of your PlayStation, and keep it off the carpet. If all this fails, you may have a more technical hardware issue on your hands. 

4. Check the status of the PlayStation servers.

Hey, maybe this one isn’t on you at all; it’s very possible that the PS4 servers might be having issues, or could just be down completely. You can always check the status of Sony’s servers by going to the PlayStation site at



5. Restart your router.

Here’s an idea: go to your router, unplug it and wait 10-15 seconds. Sounds simple, right? Well, it is. And even if this doesn’t solve your PS4 restarting issue, it’ll probably speed up your internet a bit afterward. Just don’t forget to plug it back in again before you reconnect.

6. Clean your console.

Your PlayStation might be having ventilation issues because of dust or dirt. The easiest fix for this is just to grab out a duster and just start well dusting your PlayStation. Your PS4 really needs a good cleaning from time to time to keep it running properly, especially if you have pets. You’d be surprised at how quickly hairs, dust and other debris can clog fans and hinder performance. Check out this article for more tips on keeping your console clean. 

7. Initialize your PS4.

No, this isn’t what it sounds like; we’re not trying to recruit your console into a cult. Initializing a PS4 is a safe last resort for at-home PS4 software repair. Seriously, if all else fails, this is likely to be your best bet. But before you rush ahead with the initialization process, take note– this will reset your PS4 completely, deleting all saved data and game data in the process. It wipes everything on your system, including settings, and basically reinstalls your system firmware so you can start again from scratch. If you’re sure you’d like to proceed, the steps to initialize are simple: just go to your PS Settings, click “Initialization,” then hit “Initialize Playstation.” From there, just follow the instructions on-screen. 

8. Get in touch with PlayStation Tech Support.

No one’s eager to talk to tech support, but if nothing else worked for you, it can’t hurt to reach out to the experts. Especially when they make it so easy. Head over to the Playstation Support site (, and work from there to submit a ticket. You can also call the Playstation Support line: 1-800-345-7669


If you’ve tried all 8 of our steps and your PS4 still isn’t working, you might be dealing with a hardware issue. PS4 repairs are an option, though, so don’t toss your console out just yet. You can visit your local uBreakiFix to get a free PS4 diagnostic from one of our electronics repair experts, or schedule an appointment online.

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