Protecting Smartphones from Winter!

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You do your best to protect against water damage and drops, but have you ever considered taking steps in protecting smartphones from winter? Many of us don’t, and though this post will not pertain to every part of the world (looking at you, Miami), those parts of the country currently in the midst of an icy winter might want to keep reading. You and your smartphone pretty much walk through life thinking the big things to avoid are getting dropped in water, rained on, or dropped on a sidewalk, right? For the most part, you would be correct. When the winter months roll around, there are extra things to think about when it comes to caring for your beloved smartphone.

Winter is here...for the winter.
Winter is here…for the winter.

Protecting the LCD screen on your smartphone is certainly very important. Keeping it covered from the snow and elements is always the thing to do. The winter weather can make the LCD screen incredibly sluggish, or very sensitive. It is best not to pull out your phone in the cold, unless completely necessary. Prolonged exposure to harsh cold, can also cause screens to become brittle, so treat them with the utmost care until your phone has warmed up inside!

Protect screens and fingers!
Warming fingers and protecting smartphones from winter!

Another, perhaps more important thing to consider/ protect in the cold, is the battery of your smartphone. You remember learning about how batteries work in chemistry class, right? No? Basically, an electro-chemical reaction allows electrons to flow from one terminal to the other, thus creating the “juice” that allows a battery to provide power to a device. When the temperatures get too low outside, this flow of electrons is literally slowed down, causing poor battery output. Symptoms of sluggish battery output include a rapidly draining battery, or a battery that appears to be fully charged, but suddenly goes dead. To make sure you are protecting smartphones and their battery during cold weather, consider the following:

-If you anticipate being in the cold for long periods of time, shut your phone down completely.

-Before powering your phone back on, make sure it has a chance to warm up for ten minutes or so, once inside.

-If you must have your phone on, turn down/off things such as brightness, GPS, and mobile data.

-Consider keeping your phone warm by storing it in a clean sock, or using an inside jacket pocket, where body heat can help keep your smartphone warm.

-Always carry a phone charger when on the go, as you would not want to have a phone with low or mostly drained battery.

Sometimes accidents happen, sometimes weather happens. Protecting smartphones in the winter is not hard, but it is important to take note of. No matter what happens to your smartphone, you know there is uBreakiFix to help you in protecting your smartphone from winter! Reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter to tell us how you are staying warm!




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