How To Prevent Water from Damaging Your Smartphone

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How many times have you accidentally gotten your phone wet? Maybe you dropped it in a puddle or the toilet. Maybe you left it next to the sink as you did dishes. No matter how it happens, if your smartphone gets water on it, it’s not good. If your phone is in danger of water damage, follow our guide to stop it in its tracks.

Obviously, take care not to get your phone near water. Don’t take your smartphone into the bathroom with you. Make sure you don’t have it in your pocket when you go to use the toilet. Keep it away from any bodies of water or sinks or even any drinks on a table that could be knocked over. Be careful if your roof has any leaks, that you don’t place your cell phone right under one. This is a very common way people lose appliances and electronics in the house actually, so make sure that you keep it mind. Maybe you have too many leaks, new ones are springing up, and you’re not sure what to do? If so go to You’ll be put in contact with an expert that can visit your home and evaluate what should be done in order to improve if not completely fix your current situation.

If your phone does get submerged though, grab it immediately and start drying it by following these tips.

  • Remove the battery if you can. Cut power off from the device as soon as possible to try and prevent a short circuit. That means if you can’t remove the battery, like if you have an iPhone, power down the phone ASAP.
  • Grab a dry towel or cloth and remove any water that you can. Do not use a blow dryer or any kind of heat to dry your phone. That will only damage your smartphone further.
  • Use the rice method. If you have dry rice on hand, pour some into a bag or bowl and cover your phone completely with it. Let it sit for over 24 hours so that the rice can soak up any possible water lurking in the nooks and crannies of your device.
  • One of the most foolproof ways to prevent smartphone water damage is to keep synthetic desiccants on hand. You can buy them separately online or start accumulating them everytime you buy an item that comes with one. Drop your phone into an airtight container with them, and they’ll suck up any moisture from your smartphone. Be absolutely sure it’s sealed, though, so that it doesn’t take in moisture from outside air instead.
  • You can also invest in a pouch that does the same thing as a container of synthetic desiccants, like the Bheestie Bag. Simply drop your phone in the bag, seal it, and it will completely remove any water and dry your phone out quickly. If you’re prone to smartphone accidents, definitely keep one of these around the house.

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