What 2017 Phone Has the Best Cloud Storage Options?

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With the holiday season swiftly approaching, you may be considering sticking a new phone under the Christmas tree. There are four big 2017 contenders — the Google Pixel 2, Apple’s iPhone 8 and iPhone X, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. One of their biggest differences is cloud storage options. Here’s how these phones’ cloud storage breaks down.

google pixel 2



If you’re someone who relies on cloud storage, the Pixel 2 is going to be your best bet. Even in terms of cloud storage for business tips to keep your data safe are pretty much the same. Google went all out with their new release and decided to offer free, unlimited Google Drive storage to all Pixel owners. This is welcome news to users who store their pictures, music, and other data on the cloud. You can easily backup your entire phone and its contents, plus your growing library of photos, videos, and music.





When you initially set up iCloud, you automatically get 5GB of free cloud storage. That’s downright measly when compared to the unlimited offering from Google. Depending on what you want to store or backup on iCloud, however, this amount may suit you just fine. More likely than not, though, you’ll run out of free space at some point. Once you’ve used up all 5GB, you can choose to either purchase more storage or delete some of your current stored content. 

As far as pricing goes, you can buy more iCloud storage starting at 50GB for $0.99 a month, which isn’t a bad deal. Apple even has family sharing plans for storage options of 200GB for $2.99 a month and 2TB for $9.99 a month. So if you are truly an Apple loyalist and are reliant on iCloud storage, you can choose one of these options without putting too much of a dent in your bank account.




If you’ve got a new Samsung Galaxy Note 8, fear not, you also have cloud storage and you actually get a better deal than the iPhones. When you sign up for a Samsung account, you automatically get 15GB of free storage. While it’s no unlimited storage like Google, it is 10 more GB than Apple offers. With the Samsung cloud, you can sync your phone and back up its contents. You can also purchase additional storage if you require more. Their prices are akin to Apple’s storage plans, and you can easily upgrade from your device.

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