Has Your Phone Experienced Water Damage?

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Has your phone ever looked like the one above? Sailing through the ocean, as you traverse into Atlantis, you finally recover your phone. You try to turn it on and it no longer functions. To most people, they think their phone is done and they will have to buy a new one. I’m here to give you a few tips and dish out the facts about water damage and how you can recover that irreplaceable data over at uBreakiFix.

First off, contrary to my story up there, do NOT try and turn on your phone. If there was any power left in it, you’ve now put electricity towards the water in your phone and as we all know, water is a great conductor for electricity. This could potentially short out your phone and break it before it’s even been looked at. The longer you wait to take care of the water damage, the less likely it is to be repaired. Now that doesn’t mean that if you’ve had a phone in your drawer for 6 months that it isn’t fixable. Just less likely. Lucky for you, the fantastic owners of uBreakiFix have a strict policy of “Fix it or it’s free” so it’s no charge ever to our customers if we cannot repair your water damaged device.

I’m going to go ahead and get this out of the way and mention this trick below, does absolutely NOTHING to help your phone.


Sure, water soaks up rice but unless that rice gets inside of your phone where some of the water is trapped, it’s really not doing any good. It also doesn’t do any harm either. A better home trick before you bring your device in, is to use a blow dryer on it. Heat evaporates water and it should be able to get inside your device as well. The longer the water sits in there, the more likely rust and corrosion will develop inside, bringing down your chances of fixing the device.

Bringing your device into uBreakiFix in Pearland is an easy and painless process. We will take down all information you have for us in relation to the issue and any contact info whether it be another phone number or even an e-mail. We’ll be more than happy to provide you with your sim card if you have a backup at home. The water damage repair process usually takes 24 hours and no more than 48 hours. We have two forms of cleaning, $39.99 for our basic cleaning which we will always try first and $79.99 for our ultra sonic cleaning. This will ensure that any motherboard related issues should be taken care of. All pricing will be approved by our customers, so there’s never any surprise charges. So whether you just water damaged your device as you were reading this blog or have an old phone laying around, feel free to bring it by uBreakiFix over in the Pearland Town Center and let us have a look!

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