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How to Diagnose Your Own Phone Issues

All techs know that the first step to repairing a device is to find the root of the problem and determine what repair is needed. We usually do this using a repair diagnostic exam, during which we examine every function of the device to see what is working and what isn’t. When your favorite device isn’t responding as it should be, you can perform your own diagnostic exam to figure out what the issue is.


How to diagnose your phone issues:


  1. Close all your apps and turn the device off and on again. To rule out a software issue caused by a malfunctioning or rogue app, close everything and see if the problem persists. You can also turn your device completely off and back on again to close everything, this is called a power cycle. No settings are changed when you do this.
  2. Perform a reset. A hard reset shouldn’t be the first tactic used, but it can be helpful. This type of reset will revert all of your settings back to their original factory option. Your data and photos are safe, but special settings such as keyboard and display settings will be reset. You can perform a reset by holding down the power button and the volume down button on the recent versions of the iPhone, and the power button and the home button on newer models.
  3. Test the device using different accessories. If the issues you are experiencing are battery or charge port-related, try testing your device using different accessories including a new power cord and power brick. These accessories can go bad over time and it may actually be the cause of your issues.

  4. Examine the surface and crevices of the device. The final check before bringing your device to a repair professional is to examine the surface of the device for damage. Check the inside of the charge ports and around the crevices of the device. If you see any debris, dust, or signs of water damage, these could all be signs of an issue. Debris and dust can be cleaned out with some cotton swabs and maybe a little bit of rubbing alcohol, but water damage will need to be addressed by a repair professional. Water damage can cause corrosion and short circuits in your device that can do permanent damage. A repair professional might be able to reverse the damage if caught quickly. 


If you have tried all of these steps, but your problem is persisting, you should bring your device to a repair shop. At uBreakiFix, we can perform more in-depth tests and recommend a repair service if it turns out to be a hardware issue.

Does Overheating Affect the Performance of a Phone?

Is your phone overheating?

When temperatures start rising and you’re lugging your best tech poolside and to the beach, you may be wondering if phone overheating will affect the performance of your phone. We’re here to give you the truth on what heat will do to your phone.

overheating phone

Will phone overheating cause my glass to crack?

Phone overheating alone cannot cause the glass on your smartphone screen to crack. It can, however, cause the glass to be more vulnerable to breaking. If you were to leave your device on the dashboard of your car, in a parking lot in direct sunlight with the outside temperature being higher than 90 degrees Fahrenheit, you would still likely need an outside force such as a bend or drop to cause it to truly crack. A more likely scenario would be for your phone to experience thermal fracturing. This occurs when you move very hot glass into a very cold environment very quickly.

Lithium-Ion batteries overheating

Lithium-Ion batteries can start to melt under extreme heat, but you’d have to be charging it in an environment with temperatures over 115 degrees Fahrenheit.

What can happen to my phone if it overheats?

While it would take a considerable amount of heat to cause your battery to malfunction, other smartphone components can be affected by heat. The adhesive that bonds smartphone components and helps your device stay waterproof can start to corrode under high heat. The adhesive can get gummy and could allow gaps to form or components to shift, allowing dust and dirt to get inside and ruin the phone. This can also make any water resistant device completely vulnerable to water damage.

iphone overheating
is your iPhone overheating? And your battery draining too! That could be as simple as an app using all of your iPhones resources and depleting its power. You can try and uninstall some of your most recent apps, or bring it into uBreakiFix for a free diagnostic.

Components such as the CPU, GPU, and other crucial chips really don’t like too much heat. Devices like computers and game consoles have built-in fans to keep these parts cool, but smartphones don’t have this feature. High temperatures, whether due to outside temperature or internal temperature, can cause damage to the chips or their connections. If these parts become overheated, the user will typically get a warning on the screen of the device.

How to Prevent Your Phone from Overheating

android over heating

Most smartphones have a sensor and a warning that will alert you when your phone’s internal temperature reaches 95 degrees or above. If you get this warning, your phone will not operate (except for emergency call function) until the phone has cooled down. To avoid getting this warning, you should always keep your phone in a cool, shady place if you plan to be out in the sun.  


How To Know If Your Device Has a Short Circuit

“Short circuit” is a term a lot of people throw around when dealing with dysfunctional electronics. Any old malfunction isn’t a short circuit, though. When it comes to small electronics, like cell phones, the logic board is a key component that keeps the phone running. Logic boards are made up of thousands of complex circuits and if something were to happen to a key circuit, the whole device would be compromised. A short circuit happens when the current running through these circuits is interrupted and sent down an unintended path. The term “short” implies that the current’s path has a low electrical resistance.

How Does It Happen?

In phones and other small electronics, the most common cause of a short circuit is water damage. When exposed to circuits, water droplets will create a less resistive path between terminals and the current will never reach its destination. You can learn more about water damage and the havoc it causes on cell phones here. Other potential causes could be the leakage of battery fluids or faulty chargers sending an overload of current into the channels. Short circuits can be dangerous and must be handled accordingly and safely.

How To Check For A Short Circuit

The only way to tell if your electronic device has a short circuit is to open it up and check the key components. This should be done by a professional who is trained in cell phone repair. A device that has suffered a short circuit will usually be non-responsive or have a noticeable difference in functionality. If you think that you could have a short circuit on your favorite device, bring it to your nearest uBreakifix for a damage diagnostic.   


Typically, the only way to repair a short circuit will be to completely remove and replace the logic or motherboard. If you catch it early enough, water damage can be reversed be a water damage cleaning service so that it will not lead to corrosion or a short circuit. So if your device falls into the pool or is left out in the rain, bring it to a repair center as soon as possible for the best chance of restoring it to working condition.

Tech Checklist – Keeping Your Tech Safe During Storms

We’re hunkering down at the uBreakiFix home office in preparation for Hurricane Matthew. Living in Florida, we’re well prepared for storms like this but we wanted to pass along some tips about how to prepare your tech for hurricanes or big storms.


Backup your files

Take this opportunity to backup the pictures, documents and other important info on your devices to a cloud program. If your tech gets damaged in the storm, you risk losing precious family photos and important files. Backup to iCloud, Dropbox or Google Drive and no matter what happens to your physical belongings, your virtual ones will be out of harm’s way.  


Keep your batteries full

You won’t be able to charge your phone or laptop battery if the power goes out. Avoid non-essential use to preserve your battery and keep charged external batteries nearby just in case.


Keep watertight containers on hand

If flooding begins or you are thinking about evacuating and leaving your tech behind, use a watertight container to store gaming consoles, laptops and extra wires. Store the containers in a high closet or second story. If your house floods and your electronics are plugged in, you risk short circuits, electrocution and fires.


Unplug if you think you will lose power

Water and electricity do not mix well! Unplugging all your electronics before potential flooding is incredibly important. Water conducts electricity and like we said earlier, you could risk electrocution or electrical fires if you leave them. Also note however, that if your house already has significant flooding, DO NOT TOUCH YOUR ELECTRONICS OR ATTEMPT TO UNPLUG THEM. Don’t go into any room that has sustained a significant amount of water damage where electronics are still plugged in.


Write down important numbers and addresses

Do you have your immediate friends and families phone numbers memorized? Do you have the number of the Security Guards for Fire Watch in your directory in the wake of a conflagration? We don’t think about these things so much anymore when our contact lists are so readily available. If your phone dies or gets damaged, it is important to have these numbers and addresses of nearby shelters on hand. 


While nobody likes to think about the possibility of evacuating or preparing for the worst, knowing exactly what to do and prepping ahead of time will make the process much easier.  

Are all activity trackers created equal?

So you’ve made the decision to be a little healthier and exercise more. Good choice, but now you need the right tech. Activity trackers are incredibly convenient for tracking steps and calories but there are so many on the market right now, it’s difficult to choose. So we’re here to ask the question: Are all activity trackers created equal?
Your ideal activity tracker entirely depends on the extent of features you want. Do you need a display or are you okay with checking your phone? Do you want sleep trackers or a battery that lasts more than a day? We put a few of the most popular activity trackers back to back to compare features for you.PrintNow that you have a better idea, get your perfect activity tracker and get sweaty! And don’t forget, activity trackers can get water damage, screen cracks and battery problems too and we’re here for you if it does.


Technician Spotlight | Hunter Look

Our technicians at uBreakiFix are all leading experts in every gadget and gizmo out there. Despite wearing similar shirts, all of our techs have a unique story and bring their own specialties to the store teams. 

Hunter Look is the manager of a uBreakiFix in Centennial, CO.



Getting to Know You

How long have you worked at UBIF?

I’ve worked at UBIF for almost 2 years now

What led you to UBIF?

I’ve had a passion for technology my entire life and was always involved in fixing or building computers throughout. When I moved to Denver, a friend and veteran UBIFer (Mike Dawson) mentioned a tech position to me, got me in the door, and the rest is history! I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to make a living doing something I love.

What would you consider your repair specialty?

I’d say computer hardware is my specialty, keyboard replacement repairs specifically. They’re a huge puzzle as they require a near full teardown and I’ve yet to do one of those repairs that I haven’t thoroughly enjoyed. I see these types of repairs as a great foundation for learning everything else involved in our company as the phones we repair are just miniaturized versions of computers.

What is your favorite part of being a technician?

Favorite part of being a technician is overcoming new obstacles and solving new problems everyday. The devices we work on are made up of a multitude of parts which can lead to a wide array of issues so it offers a fluid work environment. Beyond that, we all focus on what we call “the tingle”. Best described as the tingling feeling you get when you have a great interaction with a customer and go above and beyond to ensure that they leave happy with the highest quality repair and customer service experience.

What is the most difficult part of being a technician?

The most difficult part of being a tech is when we’re unable to resolve an issue, water damage especially. We then have to break the news to the customer and it’s always rough when you can’t deliver the type of news you’d like.


War Stories:

[The] worst device I’ve seen was a MacBook that was somehow thrown from a moving vehicle. Just about nothing but the logic board worked on the computer and the customer wasn’t in a hurry to foot the huge bill for a brand new one. We checked it in and got to work, beginning with a full teardown. Once we had every part removed, trying to remain budget conscious for the customer, we evaluated the frame, screen, etc and tried to reshape and straighten every piece of metal we could to salvage what remained. In the end, we were able to replace everything it needed and rebuild the computer for just about half the cost of a new one. Needless to say, the customer was ecstatic and has come back to see us multiple times for other repair needs since!

#TechTortureTuesday We Don’t Play With Matches.

Water damaged phones are about as common as a bejeweled case at a One Direction concert, but what about fire damaged devices? We wanted to know what it felt like for Johnny Storm (That’s the Human Torch for all of you non-comic geeks out there) to use his iPhone. Our mothers told us not to play with matches when we were younger, but they never said  anything about blow torches.

Although this may look awesome as hell,  we don’t suggest you doing this at home, or at all. Like our tech fixers, our tech torturers are highly trained professionals (Well, they like to think they are).


Is it getting hot in here, or is it just me? #TechTortureTuesday #ubreakifix #iphone #fire

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New Store Location: uBreakiFix Gainesville!

There are many imitators but only one uBreakiFix- and uBreakiFix Gainesville is the latest addition to the repair industry’s leading business!

With over 65 uBreakiFix locations nationwide, we know repairs!

albert & alberta We understand that when your device is on the fritz, so are other aspects of your life.  Whether the primary use of your device is work related or your social life connection, a broken device is irritating.  That’s why at uBreakiFix Gainesville, we make every effort for 100% Customer Satisfaction and strive for the Best Quality Work with the Quickest Repair Time at the Lowest Possible Price.

If it has a power button, we want to fix it!

gville in store sign

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed:

At uBreakiFix Gainesville, we like to establish relationships with our customers!  Any and all questions regarding our repair services and process are encouraged.  We want you to be informed!  And we want to be informed about you!  Tell us about yourself and your device, what happened, and how we can make your experience with us as pleasant as possible.  We will do everything in our power to provide you with the most optimal outcome.

There are a wide variety of smartphones and computers out there, and here at uBreakiFix we won’t turn down a single one no matter the problem. Our professional smartphone technicians are ready to fix any problem you may have with your device.

In addition, all Repair Services come with a 90 day Parts & Labor Warranty. If you have any issues with our work, contact us. We guarantee to correct the problem in a timely manner, or issue you a full refund.

Best Quality Work:

We are Nathaniel, Trevor, and Tracy. Professionally trained technicians that eat, sleep, and breathe electronics repairs! A family owned and operated business that you can trust!

We specialize in small electronics repair, so trust your device to the uBreakiFix professionals. We diagnose and repair just about every kind of damage possible, so whether you have run it over with a car or dropped it in a toiled, let uBreakiFix repair your device.

Quickest Repair Times:

We provide the fastest turnaround times in the industry. Our technicians are thoroughly trained to provide a well rounded and efficient repair process!

Guaranteed Low Prices:

If you find the repair to be cheaper elsewhere, we do always honor our Price Match Guarantee Policy and beat that price by $5.

Diagnostic Services are always free!

Water Damage? We have special equipment and our procedures are proven to have maximum results. If we can’t fix your water damaged device, there is no charge to you! So, why not bring it in??


uBreakiFix Gainesville provides Electronics Repair Services to local customers in Gainesville, FL and surrounding areas.  Repair services include: iPhone Repair, iPod Repair, Smartphone Repair, Computer Repair, iPad Repair, Tablet Repair and Game Console Repair.

Repair vs. Replace: Smartphones and Tablets

We’re all familiar with that wave of helplessness that washes over you the moment you break your smartphone. It’s an immediate day ruiner and forces you to make some tough decisions. If you know that you can’t live with a cracked screen and the frustrations that come with it, you have two choices: you can get a brand new phone or you can get your phone repaired. As a smartphone and electronics repair company, you may think we’re biased, but we believe in the scientific method so we’re going to take an objective look at repair vs. replace.

Cell Phone Glass Replacement

Know Your Options Before You Choose

When considering whether to repair or replace your smartphone, most people’s first concern is what each option will cost. Most people either buy or lease their devices through a carrier. If you lease your device and you are making monthly payments to your carrier, you’re not as free to make decisions on repairing. Leasing your device means that at a certain point, you may have to send the device back to the carrier, or pay the remaining balance on it. Many carriers require your phone to meet manufacturer standards upon return and turning in a phone repaired by a third party may not fly with them. But if you paid full price for your device, it is yours and you’re free to repair it, sell it, or even throw it away (please do not throw devices away). 

Option 1: How to Sell Your Device

If your phone is over one year old, you probably are not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty anymore. This means that you’re left with either paying for a new phone or repairing your old one. The new Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone starts at $749.99. You’re able to trade in your old Samsung device for credit, but not if your phone is cracked or broken. You could also sell your old device yourself. On Ebay, a cracked S10 sells for around $300-$375. Gazelle is a site used specifically for buying and selling used smartphones. Through them, you could trade your cracked S10 in for $75 or, if it’s in perfect condition, $375. So there are opportunities out there to earn back some money for your broken device, but to replace your Samsung device, you’re looking at paying the full price, again, of $749.99.

The price of the iPhone XS Max starts at $1099. Apple also has the option to trade in an old phone, but a phone with a broken screen is only eligible for a $110 discount. Replacing your Apple iPhone with the newest model will cost $989.

Smartphone Repair Technician

Option 2: The Benefits of Repairing Your Device

Now, let’s look at the cost of repairing these same phones. If you brought either your Samsung Galaxy S10 or your iPhone XS into your local uBreakiFix, the approximate price of a screen repair would be $249. These costs can vary slightly based on location as well as any additional damage. Repair is that simple. You walk in with a frustrating and broken device and you leave with a device that works and looks as good as new. All of your photos, notes, passwords, and mobile game high scores are all still there and save. There was no need to worry about new contracts or surprise fees. 

uBreakiFix also has established repair partnerships with Google and Samsung to offer both in warranty and out-of-warranty repairs. An in-warranty repair is a repair that is referred to us through our partners, Samsung and Google. A customer contacts their manufacturer with an issue they are having with their device and they are referred to their closest uBreakiFix store. We can also let you know in-store if you are covered if you’re not sure. The customer will not have to pay anything for the repair because it is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

An out of warranty repair is a repair that is not covered under a manufacturer’s warranty either because it has expired or the damage was physical, like a cracked screen or water damage, and not a hardware or software defect. 

So if you need a repair and you’re still covered by your manufacturer’s warranty, you can get your repair at uBreakiFix. 

The choice is entirely personal and we know it’s not always that simple. The repair is fast and the process easy, come in to your local uBreakiFix store and see for yourself.


Protecting Smartphones from Winter!

You do your best to protect against water damage and drops, but have you ever considered taking steps in protecting smartphones from winter? Many of us don’t, and though this post will not pertain to every part of the world (looking at you, Miami), those parts of the country currently in the midst of an icy winter might want to keep reading. You and your smartphone pretty much walk through life thinking the big things to avoid are getting dropped in water, rained on, or dropped on a sidewalk, right? For the most part, you would be correct. When the winter months roll around, there are extra things to think about when it comes to caring for your beloved smartphone.

Winter is here...for the winter.
Winter is here…for the winter.

Protecting the LCD screen on your smartphone is certainly very important. Keeping it covered from the snow and elements is always the thing to do. The winter weather can make the LCD screen incredibly sluggish, or very sensitive. It is best not to pull out your phone in the cold, unless completely necessary. Prolonged exposure to harsh cold, can also cause screens to become brittle, so treat them with the utmost care until your phone has warmed up inside!

Protect screens and fingers!
Warming fingers and protecting smartphones from winter!

Another, perhaps more important thing to consider/ protect in the cold, is the battery of your smartphone. You remember learning about how batteries work in chemistry class, right? No? Basically, an electro-chemical reaction allows electrons to flow from one terminal to the other, thus creating the “juice” that allows a battery to provide power to a device. When the temperatures get too low outside, this flow of electrons is literally slowed down, causing poor battery output. Symptoms of sluggish battery output include a rapidly draining battery, or a battery that appears to be fully charged, but suddenly goes dead. To make sure you are protecting smartphones and their battery during cold weather, consider the following:

-If you anticipate being in the cold for long periods of time, shut your phone down completely.

-Before powering your phone back on, make sure it has a chance to warm up for ten minutes or so, once inside.

-If you must have your phone on, turn down/off things such as brightness, GPS, and mobile data.

-Consider keeping your phone warm by storing it in a clean sock, or using an inside jacket pocket, where body heat can help keep your smartphone warm.

-Always carry a phone charger when on the go, as you would not want to have a phone with low or mostly drained battery.

Sometimes accidents happen, sometimes weather happens. Protecting smartphones in the winter is not hard, but it is important to take note of. No matter what happens to your smartphone, you know there is uBreakiFix to help you in protecting your smartphone from winter! Reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter to tell us how you are staying warm!




Owner’s Perspective: uBreakiFix Cincinnati

Opening a new uBreakiFix location in Cincinnati, OH has opened the gates to a variety of questions from new customers. One question I find myself answering  on a near constant basis is, “what make uBreakiFix different from the competition?”. As an owner, there are many things that jump out to me, from our dedication to customer service, to our always free diagnostics. I am excited to share with you, the customer, why you should make uBreakiFix Cincinnati your go to destination for smartphone/electronic device repairs.


Previously, living in Cincinnati with a broken smartphone wasn’t a situation that had a lot of options. Sure there were the carriers, phone insurance, or even the uBreakiFix Mail-In Repair Center. The convenience was lacking, and the opportunity to bring repair convenience to the city of Cincinnati was more evident than ever. Since our opening this fall, the volume of curious consumers that have tuned to satisfied customers has impressed everyone here! It would be easy to say that putting up a brick and mortar store is enough to constantly draw people in, but the truth is, your foundation must be set with superior customer service. uBreakiFix Cincinnati takes the care and situation of every customer very seriously- we treat your phone and/or electronic device as though it is our own. In an industry that often just sees the dollars and cents when you bring in a device for repair, uBreakiFix Cincinnati is excited to have the opportunity to make your repair experience thorough and hospitable.

HTC Thunderbolt Glass Repair

As well as superior customer service, uBreakiFix Cincinnati is proud to have its technicians completely trained in a variety of repairs on nearly any device you can think of. Many repair destinations will limit their services to only certain brands or devices. We think that an in depth knowledge of every device on the market is a crucial key to customer satisfaction. This requires our techs to participate in frequent training, as they stay up to date on the latest devices and their repair techniques. When you have techs who are frequently given in depth training, that opens up the options for you, the consumer. No more running around to a cluster of stores who only service select devices. At uBreakiFix Cincinnati, if it has a power button, we want to fix it!


Customer service and repair variety, pretty cool, right? That is not all we extend to our awesome customers, though! uBreakiFix Cincinnati is pleased to offer our customers a 90 day parts and labor warranty on all repairs performed at our store. If you have any issues with a repair we performed (excluding water damage and drops/breaks), bring it back to us within 90 days, and will repair your device, free of charge.

There’s no way you could possibly go wrong in choosing uBreakiFix Cincinnati, we will always put the customer and their device first! Customer service, training, and an unbeatable warranty make us the one stop shop for all your smartphone and electronic device repair needs!



Free Diagnostic Services at uBreakiFix Northridge

Does your smartphone seem to be dead? Did you drop your iPad and crack the glass? Maybe your brother pushed you in the pool when you had your Samsung Note III in your swimsuit pocket? There are so many things that can go wrong with a smartphone, or any electronic device for that matter. Broken screens, “red rings of death”, water damage, problems charging- the list is longer than most could fathom! At uBreakiFix Northridge, we have made it our job to skillfully diagnose and repair the plethora of problems that could be ailing your electronic device. Not sure if the free diagnostics at uBreakiFix are worth your time? Keep reading, and we’ll be happy to share the merits of both repair and our free diagnostics at uBreakiFix Northridge.


Free diagnostics are important to us, because we believe you should never be charged to have a device looked at. All you have to do is simply walk in to uBreakiFix Northridge- or any of our locations nationwide- and check your device in. From there, the technicians perform thorough diagnostics to get to the root of the problem. Components and connections are checked, screens and batteries are tested. In the case of water damage, devices are put through a unique process we have developed, that consists of drying and internal cleaning. The best part of our diagnostics (besides the part about them being free)? We talk to you, the customer, afterwards. Before we begin any repair, we let you know exactly what is wrong with the phone, parts needed, and the cost. If you are not interested, that’s ok! You are under no obligation to proceed with the repair process just because we performed the diagnostics free of charge. As well as choosing to not proceed with the repair process, there is the extremely rare situation of a device having no chance of benefiting from repair. This is a slim to none situation, but again, the diagnostics are still free.

iPhone 4 Broken Back Glass

You might be wondering why you would benefit from our free diagnostics- maybe you had a damaged device and just decided to upgrade or go through insurance. That device might be sitting in the back of a drawer somewhere, simply collecting dust, not being put to any use. Take the iPhone 3G for example, maybe the device itself is in decent shape, and all that is broken is the glass, there are many things you can do with a working and now repaired iPhone. It is always great to have a back up iPhone- especially if you have already taken advantage of your upgrade for the next year or two. Repaired iPhones/smartphones often have good resale value, even if they are a few years old- there is a good chance that you could profit from selling your repaired device! Giving your phone to a young person for school, babysitting, or family calls is always a good option, and you will not have to worry about the possibility of them damaging a full priced phone. There are also various charities that take out of use phones for both military families/veterans: and families in need:

Take advantage of the free diagnostic services at uBreakiFix Northridge, and see what life is still actually left in your smartphone o electronic device!


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