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Opening a new uBreakiFix location in Cincinnati, OH has opened the gates to a variety of questions from new customers. One question I find myself answering  on a near constant basis is, “what make uBreakiFix different from the competition?”. As an owner, there are many things that jump out to me, from our dedication to customer service, to our always free diagnostics. I am excited to share with you, the customer, why you should make uBreakiFix Cincinnati your go to destination for smartphone/electronic device repairs.


Previously, living in Cincinnati with a broken smartphone wasn’t a situation that had a lot of options. Sure there were the carriers, phone insurance, or even the uBreakiFix Mail-In Repair Center. The convenience was lacking, and the opportunity to bring repair convenience to the city of Cincinnati was more evident than ever. Since our opening this fall, the volume of curious consumers that have tuned to satisfied customers has impressed everyone here! It would be easy to say that putting up a brick and mortar store is enough to constantly draw people in, but the truth is, your foundation must be set with superior customer service. uBreakiFix Cincinnati takes the care and situation of every customer very seriously- we treat your phone and/or electronic device as though it is our own. In an industry that often just sees the dollars and cents when you bring in a device for repair, uBreakiFix Cincinnati is excited to have the opportunity to make your repair experience thorough and hospitable.

HTC Thunderbolt Glass Repair

As well as superior customer service, uBreakiFix Cincinnati is proud to have its technicians completely trained in a variety of repairs on nearly any device you can think of. Many repair destinations will limit their services to only certain brands or devices. We think that an in depth knowledge of every device on the market is a crucial key to customer satisfaction. This requires our techs to participate in frequent training, as they stay up to date on the latest devices and their repair techniques. When you have techs who are frequently given in depth training, that opens up the options for you, the consumer. No more running around to a cluster of stores who only service select devices. At uBreakiFix Cincinnati, if it has a power button, we want to fix it!


Customer service and repair variety, pretty cool, right? That is not all we extend to our awesome customers, though! uBreakiFix Cincinnati is pleased to offer our customers a 90 day parts and labor warranty on all repairs performed at our store. If you have any issues with a repair we performed (excluding water damage and drops/breaks), bring it back to us within 90 days, and will repair your device, free of charge.

There’s no way you could possibly go wrong in choosing uBreakiFix Cincinnati, we will always put the customer and their device first! Customer service, training, and an unbeatable warranty make us the one stop shop for all your smartphone and electronic device repair needs!



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