Our Commitment to Sustainability

Tech Tips

uBreakiFix repairs over a million devices every year, which leaves us with a lot of no longer functional or unusable parts that have nowhere to go. Last year, our New Year’s resolution was to make a commitment to the environment and get every one of our stores participating in a recycling program. We also wanted to give our customers the option to donate old electronics.

We formed a partnership with a certified electronics recycler that collects our old batteries, broken devices, and all other small electronics parts. During the recycling process, any data still on the part are first destroyed, then the part is deconstructed and all reusable materials like mercury, chromium, and lead are harvested and used in the construction of other electronics. None of the electronics recycled in this way end up in landfills or shipped to third world countries.

Many of our stores also participate in a convenient and rewarding exchange program for our customers to help them safely recycle old devices. Bring your unwanted tech to any participating uBreakiFix location and you’ll get a gift card for qualifying devices.

We hope to do more sustainability work in 2019 and maybe hit the gym more often, too. If you’d like more information about your store’s recycling practices, reach out to your local uBreakiFix.

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