Oh, You Have an Apple Watch? I’ll Keep My Casio.

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It’s no secret that the Apple Watch has been a tremendous bust. Since its initial release on April 10th, the Wrist Pod (Not an official nickname) has seen a 90% sales DECREASE. Apple recently gave us their third quarter earnings, but did not disclose numbers for the Watch. It’s safe to say that this device isn’t going to bring the Cupertino giant down, but with so much hype surrounding it, Tim Cook may have shed a tear or two, but the fact of the matter is, the market was already saturated with tech gear before the Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport, and the outrageously overpriced Apple Watch Edition were launched. Sure, smart watches can do it all and then some (Heartbeat sharing?), but Casio has been making so-called smart watches for over 3 decades.

Right now on Amazon, the Casio CA 53W ranks higher for customer satisfaction than the Apple Watch. If you’re not familiar with Casio watches by model numbers, the CA 53W is the quintessential calculator watch. Yes, the envy of every math wiz or mathematically inept nerd (myself included) who needed a bit of a crutch on those difficult third grade math tests. This $15 timepiece that hasn’t changed since Anthony Michael Hall wore one in the 1985 movie, The Breakfast Club offers more features out of the box than the Apple Watch. You need to download a calculator app to use that function on the Apple Watch, but It’s already built-in the Casio.

Casio has released a slew of smartwatches over the years; most were available only in Japan, but a select few were available stateside as well. They don’t look as sexy as an Apple Watch (especially the 24kt Edition), but considering that these timepieces range from 15 to 30-years-old, that’s pretty amazing. Not to mention, no app store purchases required!

Casio VivCel

The Casio VivCel would send a vibration alert to your wrist to notify you that your mobile phone was ringing. I’m not sure of the range the VivCel had, but any case this was a tremendous piece of tech for the late ‘90s when cellphones were the size of bricks.



Photo Via: Instalgia

Casio Data Bank Easy Record

The Data Bank series of watches are legendary. Not only do most of them have calculators, but they can store tons of contact information and with the Easy Record function, record and playback short audio clips. When I was in elementary school, my great uncle who was an OG tech geek bought me one of these for Christmas when I was 11. Needless to say, I got in trouble at school for recording fart noises and playing them back in class. An audio note recording system seems like a function that you would use on a smartwatch. Unfortunately, this feature isn’t even available on the Apple Watch!
easy rec data bank


Photo Via: Retro Classic Watches

Casio WMP-1

Before the Second-Gen Shuffle wowed us with its clip, the Casio WMP-1; the world’s first wearable MP3 player was released–Six years earlier during the Napster Revolution. The WMP-1 only had 32 MB of memory so your music collection had to be limited. VERY limited.




Photo Via: Computer World Mexico

Casio GWS-900

Apple Pay is extremely convenient, but a solid decade before it was released Casio had a watch that did what your iPhone or Apple Watch can do in 2015. The GWS-900 used RFID technology and was linked to Exxon’s Speedpass payment system.

speedpass casio


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