In the News…Google Goes DeepMind


The internet swirled with rumors and wonder this week, after it was learned Internet giant Google had initiated proceedings to acquire a London based AGI (artificial general intelligence) business- DeepMind. Though very little is confirmed about DeepMind and their endeavors, people everywhere are buzzing about Google’s latest family member. Keep reading for our guide to the who and what we know (so far) of Google’s latest acquisition.


Who Started DeepMind?

DeepMind is the brainchild of Demis Hassabis, a chess prodigy during his youth. After moving on from chess tournaments, Demis went on to assist in developing the popular game Theme Park, followed by a stint at Cambridge to a degree in computer science. Speculation pegs this propensity towards video games to be what ultimately led to the later creation of DeepMind in 2010.


What is DeepMind?

Like many experimental technology companies, DeepMind prefers to retain its enigmatic walls. A barely there website as well a minimalist description- “We combine the best techniques from machine learning and systems neuroscience to build powerful general-purpose learning algorithms.” In short, what the company actually does with said algorithms is, at this point, pure speculation. Many theories have come out these last days, including whether DeepMind could factor in to Google’s other recent purchase of Nest (a home automation firm). Deep learning could also improve search engine queries and advertising, future self automated cars, and yes, robotics.

How Much?

While official numbers have not been made public, insiders close to the deal maintain the deal is worth nearly half a billion dollars.

Why Does it Matter?

Truth be told, there is no solid answer yet, at least not just for DeepMind. Rather, it seems to be part of a larger plan that has seen Google accumulating valuable players in the fields of technology, and more specifically AI/AGI, recently. Ray Kurzweil, Google’s Director of Engineering was brought on board by Google, as part of the company’s interest in “deep learning”. Deep learning is a (currently) little known field of computer science, in which the computer learns to complete things on its own, as well learning problem solving techniques (go ahead, cue up the T2 theme now).

Speculation is rampant, information still scarce. One thing is for sure though, Google is gearing up to be the biggest technology and intelligence force of the century. Make sure to follow our blog for the latest updates on Google’s newest acquisitions, as well as the rest of the tech world!





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