New Year’s Tech-olutions

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New Year’s Resolutions are difficult to come up with and even more difficult to keep. But if you’re not planning on hitting the gym everyday or eating less sugar, the least you could do is strive to treat your electronics better in the new year. You’ll extend the life of your devices and get more out of them. Here are some easy ways you can improve your tech etiquette in the new year:

  1. Take the time to finally clean your gaming console. The evidence may not be completely obvious, but neglecting to clean out your Xbox or Playstation can lead to serious hardware problems. Most people keep their consoles in poorly ventilated shelves and cabinets, which can allow dust and hair to build up inside the machine. This blocks your system from getting proper air circulation and can lead to the red ring of death. The red ring of death is usually repairable, but why even allow yourself to reach that point? Buy a can of compressed air and blow all the dust out of the vents.
  2. Clean your screens more often. At this point, everyone has heard that their screens are covered in germs and probably poop. Many studies believe that they have even more bacteria on them than a toilet seat and ignoring it could make you sick. There are plenty of ways to sanitize your phone and you probably have everything you need at home already, so make the commitment to sanitize more often.
  3. Backup your computer. If you haven’t backed up everything on your devices from the last year, take the time to make a clean start. Your new year’s resolutions probably don’t have anything to do with dropping or breaking your phone, but one slip on some ice and all of your holiday photos could be gone. Be proactive and follow these steps to backup your devices.
  4. Get a case. The easiest way to be kinder to your tech, is to protect it. Cases come in all different shapes, colors and materials so there is definitely one that will fit your needs and your style. You may think that luck is on your side, but it only takes one drop to cause serious damage to your device. Slapping a case onto your phone can also help prevent touch disease, which is when your phone will stop responding to your touch without warning.

These completely reasonable resolutions won’t take very long to complete and can help you start 2017 off right.



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