New Features Of IOS 5 For The Apple Watch

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The new Apple watch software, known as watchOS 5, is set to be released in the fall of this year. It’s likely we will see it roll out in September, but you don’t need to wait until then to have a look at some of its features. Some of these new attributes will be activity sharing competitions, advanced running options, auto-workout detection, walkie-talkie, and Apple podcasts.


Auto-Workout Detection

An auto-workout detection feature is quite common on activity trackers across the tech space already, but it will be new to the Apple Watch. It will kick in when you engage in a popular workout it recognizes, alerting you to start the right workout in your tracker. If you have already begun exercising, you can get credit for it retroactively. Once it senses inactivity, it will remind you to end the workout in the tracker.


Activity Sharing Competitions

With the new watchOS 5 installation, you will be able to compete with your friends in the Competitions feature. This will build upon the Activity Sharing options already in place on the Apple Watch. Competitions will allow you to invite another user to compete in a seven-day activity competition. Your watch will give you helpful coaching notifications, and you can even send your opponent messages to keep the competitive fire burning.



The new Apple Watch feature will let users kick it old school and talk with each other with a simple push of a button. Once connected to WiFi or your cellular network, you can grant your friends access and begin chatting away.


Other New Features

There will be new detectible workouts in addition to the current roster of twelve such as yoga and hiking. New running features include the ability to track steps per minute, a pace alarm, and a new rolling mile pace metric. A podcast app is also coming to the new Apple Watch software, as well as third-party content like Citymapper and Yelp.


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