Must-Have Apps: Money Management


It seems like nearly every part of daily life resides on our electronic devices. From calendars to pictures, alarm clocks to address books, our world is always in our hand.

What about money management? It seems the notion of handling finances from your electronic device is still a little taboo to some folks (looking at you, Gen-Xers). It seems to make (more) sense that financial information should be as readily available as your friend Becca’s Instagram page devoted to all things salsa.

Let’s take a dive into three of the best money management apps you can have- your wallet will thank you later.


Availability: Android (4.4 average rating) and iOS (4.5 average rating)

Cost: Free

What it does:

-Mint aims to take the hassle out of money management by syncing all your accounts for an informative look at your financial situation

-Bank accounts, credit cards, 401(k), and retirement accounts are able to communicate with Mint

-View credit score

-Track spending trends to learn where you can save and improve financial situation

-Text alerts for questionable charges, low balances, and more

– Bank-level encryption and security.

Photo courtesy of Mint
Photo courtesy of


Availability: Android (4 average rating) and iOS (4 average rating)

Cost: Free

What it does:

-Allows user to keep track of market trends and potential investments

-Market specific news for seasoned investors

-Keep track of existing investments

-Quick transfer option to move money around

-Touch ID login for iPhone 5S, 6, 6 Plus

Photo courtesy of E*TRADE
Photo courtesy of E*TRADE



Availability: Android (4.5 average rating) and iOS (4.3 average rating)

Cost: Free

What it does:

-Based on the envelopes budgeting system, fund are divided into categories, which are then maintained as individual envelopes. Envelopes are not interchangeable, and they help develop more disciplined spending and saving habits

-This app claims to be able to help users reclaim 10% of lost income by revealing “hidden spending” patterns

-Capture receipts and store them to keep track of each envelope’s funding

-Displays money in, money out

Photo courtesy of Mvelopes
Photo courtesy of Mvelopes


What do you guys think? Do money management apps make life easier? Or do you forget to use them, maybe preferring an entertainment-type app? Sound off in the comments and let us know!


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  • David says:

    Some good choice here, but….Google Goggles? Seriously? This was a cool app back in 2013. But Google hasn’t updated or supported it really since 2104 guys. Almost 4 yrs. It’s a dead app. What for Google Lens, but in the meantime take this off your list.

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