Motorola’s Moto X – Customized Android Smartphone




Motorola’s moto x has been making a lot of noise lately. It being assembled in the USA is only part of the story. The moto x is a smartphone that is truly yours.
Thanks to what is being called (motomaker) the phone is truly customizable, even down to your name on the back and the greeting you receive when turning on the device. Motorola claims that there are over 2,000 different combinations that can be created via the motomaker.

So what all can be customized besides the greeting message? You can choose the color for your front, back and even accents to your volume buttons and camera casing. There are a lot of great colors to choose from except for when choosing your front colors. Those options are limited to only black and white. Considering that most devices are black or white the option to not choose one of the several other colors as the front is a bit disappointing.

With all of this color customization the last thing you would want to do is throw a case on it. Unless it’s 100% clear, which is what you can purchase on motomaker as an accessory in two different styles, a clear snap case for $29.95 and a clear case with a colorful bumper for $34.95.

As we all know, phones break. They break with cases, they break without cases. The moto x isn’t something we have seen yet here at uBreakiFix Pittsburgh but when we do, I found out that sourcing the parts isn’t easy and the ones I have found are very rather expensive.


So what happens if someone has a moto x and the back needs to be replaced? Most likely the part won’t have your customized name or saying on the back, so you will have to settle for a plain back, it might not even be available in the colors that you originally choose while using motomaker. Because the phone is so customizable and it really does feel like your own out of the countless devices on the planet, getting it repaired and having it handed back to you without your own style might be a little depressing. Yes it’s fixed and working again, but I don’t think the same joy will be there as if you got your iPhone fixed.

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