Mother’s Day Gifts

Tech Tips

Whether you’re near or far from those you love this Mother’s Day, there’s still plenty of reason to celebrate motherhood and the special women in our lives. We’re sure that any gift, card, or time spent with them right now would be a great way to show that you care, but if you’re looking for some gift suggestions, we’ve come up with a few that we think are great. 


Find her a gadget 

If you’re lucky enough to have a tech-savvy mom, then there are plenty of new gadgets that she’d probably love to try. The new version of Amazon Kindle e-reader® is waterproof and has a built-in backlight that’s perfect for evening reading. Plus, if she has an older version of the e-reader, you can take advantage of their trade-in program and get a sweet discount on the new one. The Google Nest Hub® is another great gift for Moms and anyone else who loves to cook or bake. You can simply ask the assistant to show you the recipe for something, and she will display and read it out to you so no more messy cookbooks or print-outs strewn around the kitchen counter. The Hub can also function as a digital picture frame and transition through as many photos as a Google Photo Album can hold. 


Protect her tech

If your mom doesn’t need anything new, why not protect something she already has? A new laptop case or phone case in a nice pattern or color shows a mom that you care about her tech just as much as you care about her. You can even combine style with convenience with a device case that holds multiple things like her reading glasses or credit cards. Has your mom discovered Pop Sockets® yet? Find one with a pattern or photo she’d love and you’ll also make holding her device more convenient for her. 


Give the gift of tech support

Keeping in touch right now is convenient for most people through Zoom meetings or Google Hangouts, but if your loved ones don’t know how to use their gadgets or these programs, then they can be missing out on quality time. Taking the time to teach your loved ones how to use video chatting software or their phones and tablets would probably make a big difference to them right now. If you’re not up to the task, you can give the gift of tech support by setting them up with an Asurion Expert who can guide them through using the software of their choice. If their tech has seen better days, you can also give them the gift of a repair from uBreakiFix. A repair will get their favorite piece of tech back to perfect condition again. 


Out of time? Just call or send a message 

There’s still plenty of room to be creative if you’re out of time or lacking in resources too. You can record a video of yourself or your family doing something you know she’d love like singing her favorite song or wishing her a Happy Mother’s Day. You could record yourself attempting her favorite recipe or sharing your favorite memory together. Above all, we think that most Moms would simply just love to know that you’re thinking of them and that you care on Mother’s Day.


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