What are Micro-Fractures and How to Avoid Them?

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Microfractures are hairline cracks in your phone screen. They often happen when you drop your phone. You may not see a large scratch or crack on the glass, but its durability has taken a hard hit. Your phone will now be far more susceptible to large cracks as the screen has now weakened. Microfractures add up and when too many have accumulated, even something as innocuous as your phone falling onto a plush carpet can cause the entire screen to shatter.

While the Gorilla glass that is now used for phone screens is far stronger than the glass screens of yore, they aren’t entirely impervious. Glass will only break if the impact of a drop or fall is so forceful that overcomes the surface compression. Over time, the more microfractures— even ones you may not be able to see with the naked eye— your phone’s screen has, the likelier it is to shatter with every impact.

How To Avoid Screen Microfractures

The best way to avoid hairline cracks and microfractures is to protect your phone appropriately. A phone case is one of the best ways to protect the screen’s integrity. A case with a thick, durable lip around the screen is going to protect it when you drop it. If your case has a pronounced enough lip, even a hard facedown drop won’t wreck your phone.

You will also want to consider the case’s material. Avoid plastic cases as they aren’t as strong and can break quite easily when they fall. Silicone and polycarbonate are both great choices as they are very sturdy materials.

Another great way to keep your phone safe from microfractures is to apply a screen protector. Even a simple, thin plastic one that sits atop the glass can prevent these tiny fractures from forming.

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