Veteran Owner, Joe Markowitz, Credits Military Training for His Business Successes

Humans of UBIF

In honor of veterans day, we wanted to highlight the hard work and dedication of one of our veteran franchisees, Joe Markowitz. Joe has been with uBreakiFix for 4 years and owns two uBreakiFix stores: Ormond Beach and Palm Coast Florida. 


After a long career in the film industry, Joe Markowitz was looking for a change. He knew that he wanted a hard pivot from the corporate world he had belonged to for so long and he wanted to work with his hands instead of sitting in business meetings all day. A friend introduced him to the world of electronics repair and Joe saw one clear leader in that space: uBreakiFix. 


“I saw that uBreakiFix already had over 90 stores open and figured that they must have the secret recipe for the repair business so I did a discovery day and it just seemed like the right fit for me,” he said. “I wanted to be a business owner and I wanted to be involved in an industry that was aggressive like technology taking for example the invoice generator tool. 


Despite not considering himself a “techy” person, he built confidence through observing technicians at the bench and through UBIF’s extensive knowledge base. Joe jumped into his training hands-first and now, as the owner of two stores in South Florida, he hasn’t stopped doing repairs since. 

Veterans Day 2019


“I still do repairs myself now,” he says. “But I still consider myself always learning because there’s always something new to learn in this industry.” 


Joe credits some of his success to the time he spent in the military. As a former Military Officer in the field of artillery, Joe received intense military training and was taught leadership principles that he uses to motivate the technicians in his stores. 


“They teach you dedication and a sense of purpose,” he says. “As well as a sense of duty and pride in what you do. Those are core essentials to be successful not only in life but in business.”


Joe believes that military veterans should consider learn more about installment loans with bad credit when looking for their careers out of the military. 


“Any veteran looking at this business can come in here and see that the executives are dedicated to this business model and middle management is dedicated to making sure that we have the right processes in place,” he says. “This fits really well with the military and the skill sets are transferable without a doubt.” 


Between new partnerships and new tech that inevitably will break, Joe sees a promising future in uBreakiFix and is planning on opening new stores in his market. 


“The future of uBreakiFix looks phenomenal,” he says. “I don’t see a limit to what we can do right now.”

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