How to Manually Eject a Stuck PS4 Game

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PS4 disk stuck inside your console? Try these tips to get it out again. Just got home with a brand new game, only to find your old disc refuses to leave your console? No worries! We’ve got 4 easy steps that will send that old disc flying and get that PS4 back in action. 

1. Turn off your console and unplug all cables.

If your PS4 is still running, go ahead and hit the  power button to turn off the console completely. Now flip that bad boy around and take out all cables and peripherals that you have attached to your console. You’ll want to do this not only to remove any power going to the console  for your safety, but also to make it easier to work in the following steps.


2. Grab your tools and set up a workspace.

It will make it a lot easier to work through the next few steps if you find a well lit, flat area where you can place the console. The proper workspace will help you find and fix the stuck game in your PS4 with ease, and it doesn’t require much. All you’ll need is a small Phillips-head screwdriver to open up the console. A flashlight is optional, but extremely helpful in case you find you need a little extra light. Place the PS4 and your tools down in your designated workshop, and let’s get ready to work!


3. Open up your PS4.

Opening the PS4 allows you to  easily access the manual eject hole. However, there’s a few different versions of the PS4 nowadays, and they all require different techniques to open. Find your model in the list below, then follow the steps provided to open up your PS4 and take the disk out. It’s a simple process, so don’t be intimidated! But if you’re bothered by the idea of potentially voiding your warranty or accidentally messing up your PS4’s internal hardware by opening it up, you’re always welcome to bring it in to your local repair experts. We’d be happy to provide a free diagnostic, or any other electronic services you need to get back to gaming.

PS4 Pro CUH-7015 Series & PS4 CUH-2015

Unplug your PS4, then turn it upside down. You should be able to locate a hole directly above the PS4 Logo. To release your disc, just grab a screwdriver, insert it into the hole and turn. This is a manual eject hole, made to turn and release your disc. Easy-peasy, lemon-squeezy!


PS4 CUH-1000 Series & CUH-1110 Series

Take your screwdriver and remove the HDD Bay Cover (if you’re not sure where to find the HDD cover, check your console’s manual).  Remove the panel and look for two sets of vents, which you’ll spot on the outside of the left edge. Now, follow from the front slot until you locate a slot that is by itself, one that’s not grouped with any others in the vent.

Once you locate this slot, you can shine your flashlight down it to locate the manual eject screw which you can turn to unlock it. From here ,you should be able to see the disc. All you need to do is grab in there and pull it out of the slot. Be very gentle! Once the disc is out, just reverse your last steps to replace the HDD Bay cover again.


PS4 CUH-1200 Series

Hold the top panel of the PS4 and gently put pressure near the seam with your hands, you should feel some give that will allow you to slide the top panel out front the PS4 and away from you. Once you hear that magical click sound, Lift the panel off (from the left side) and place it to the side. Take your screwdriver and locate the screw that has PlayStation symbols on it. Turn the screw counter-clockwise in order to remove it from the HDD. You can now pull the HDD part way out from the console, which  will reveal the manual disc eject hole. Insert your screwdriver, and unscrew it to release the disc. After your disc is released, just reverse the steps you followed to replace the top panel to the console. Get everything in the right place again, and you’re good to go.


4. Plug in your PS4 & get gaming.

Now that our impromptu IT job is out of the way, return your console to your favorite gaming spot. Plug your HDMI and power cables back into the console and power on the PS4. Observe to ensure everything is functioning properly. If it’s not working, go back to the console to make sure you have everything screwed in tightly and in the right spot. Otherwise, if everything looks good, go ahead and pop in that new disc, and you can finally get back to boogying down on the battleground!


Still have a PS4 game stuck inside that won’t come out? Well, then head on over to uBreakiFix for a free diagnostic. We’ll get you gaming again ASAP.


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