Love the Phone You’re With: Tips to Keep Your Tech in Tip-Top Shape


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Valentine’s Day is coming up quickly, and your local uBreakiFix® store is here to help you learn to love the phone you’re with! Research indicates that consumers are hanging on to their current phone models for longer than ever before, with up to 70% delaying an upgrade or choosing a cheaper model due to the pandemic or other economic issues…

But using an older phone doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality! Rekindle your relationship with your beloved tech this year for V-Day, with tips on keeping your phone running like-new from our experts. 


  • Get your battery replaced
    Like your car battery, your phone battery has a finite number of charge cycles and will eventually wear out. If your battery is unable to hold a charge when unplugged or dies quickly after being fully charged, it is time to get a battery replacement. The good news? A battery replacement is an easy and cost-effective fix that can add years to your phone’s lifespan. To make it even easier, uBreakiFix offers battery replacements as part of its ‘We Come to You’ service, meaning you can keep your phone in peak condition without even leaving the house.


  • Invest in a high-quality charger
    Speaking of batteries, that convenience-store charger may be causing your battery to wear out even faster. A good rule of thumb is to always use your phone manufacturer’s official charger to ensure the highest quality and proper power regulation. Inexpensive cables often use a lower amperage (current) and can damage a phone’s battery over time. When in doubt, consult a professional to find the right accessories to fit your device and needs.


  • Get charging ports and headphone jacks cleaned out
    Occasionally remove your case to fully clean your phone and ensure there’s no grime build-up in its nooks and crannies. A professional repair technician can help you safely clean out those harder-to-reach areas like the charging port, microphone, speaker, and headphone jack. Over time, lint, dirt, and debris build-up in these areas–especially the charging port–can slow down charging time and even cause your phone to overheat.


  • Delete unused apps and other storage hogs to free up space
    When was the last time you reviewed your apps? Most of us have a handful that we use every day, plus a handful that we no longer need. Those unneeded apps take up precious storage space on your phone, which may be causing your phone to run slower than it should. Make a habit of reviewing your apps routinely and ditching any that are no longer relevant. Another way to save space is to delete photos and videos–especially those within your text threads.


  • Don’t put off “cosmetic” repairs
    Shattered screens are often dismissed as a cosmetic issue, but a cracked screen can actually pose a major threat to your phone’s internal functionality. The screen protects several important components of the phone directly beneath it. Without the screen intact, dirt, oils, moisture and debris can work their way into the cracks and damage components like the camera and the LCD display, resulting in a more difficult and expensive repair the longer you wait. A screen repair doesn’t have to be a hassle. uBreakiFix can repair a cracked screen in as little as two hours in-store. 


Don’t feel like leaving the house? uBreakiFix experts could stop by to repair your phone as soon as the next day with our ‘We Come to You’ mobile repair service. Check it out here to see if your area is eligible! 

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