How Long Should an iPhone Battery Last


How long does an iPhone battery last? An iPhone battery could last for hours or years depending on if you are talking about the battery’s “life” or the battery’s “lifespan”, two similar-sounding terms that are actually completely different.

 Battery Life – The number of hours before an iPhone needs to be charged again.

Battery Lifespan – The total number of years that a battery can keep powering the device.

With this in mind, let’s look at how long an iPhone battery does last in both life and lifespan

How Long Should an iPhone’s Battery Last Between Charges?

Determining how long an iPhone battery should last is more of an estimate than an exact science. The average life of an iPhone battery depends on how frequently the device is used. 

For example, a person who spends most of their time on Instagram is going to have a longer battery life than somebody who plays mobile games because games use much more processing power than standard apps. 

iPhone Battery Lifespan

Determining the overall iPhone battery lifespan is similarly circumstantial. According to Apple, the battery lifespan stays at about 80 percent of its original capacity after 500 charge cycles.

Causes of Battery Drain

Certain environmental factors, such as extreme heat or cold, can cause an iPhone battery to drain more quickly in certain regions than others. Poor signal strength can also rapidly drain the iPhone battery because switching to a backup network consumes power each time.

Those factors are beyond our control, but if you are noticing that your iPhone is draining faster than normal, here’s how to make the iPhone battery last longer.

Turn Off Performance Management

Performance Management is a built-in feature that can sometimes interfere with the normal performance of the battery. 

Here is how to disable Performance Management:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Go to Battery.
  3. Go to Battery Health.
  4. Go down to Peak Performance Capability.
  5. If you see a message that says Performance Management is on, select Disable to the right. 

Note: If Performance Management is not on, you will see no Disable option.

Check Apps by Battery Usage

Some apps drain the battery by excessively running in the background, in which case deactivating or uninstalling the app is one way how to make an iPhone battery last longer. You must first locate the problematic app.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Go to Battery.
  3. Wait a moment until Battery Usage appears.
  4. Go to Show Detailed Usage.
  5. Go to Last 7 Days.
  6. While looking at the Last 7 Days tab, make sure the number of hours for “on screen” is relatively the same as the number of hours in the “background”.

Note: If the background hours are drastically higher than those on screen, it means the app could be consuming too much power and needs to be deactivated or deleted.

IOS Update

Sometimes an outdated operating system can cause battery drain due to conflicting software errors. A new iPhone update could stop draining the battery so quickly.

  1.  Go to Settings.
  2. Go to General.
  3. Go to Software Update.
  4. Download the update if available.

If the new iPhone update does not stop draining the battery, it most likely is a hardware issue. 

*Note: 99% of the time this is true, but updates can also use more power with new features/processes added into the system as a result of the update.

When is it Time to Get a New iPhone Battery?

The best way to tell if you need a new iPhone battery is when the Peak Performance Capability feature is unable to determine your battery’s health.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Go to Battery.
  3. Go to Battery Health.
  4. Go down to Peak Performance Capability and check for a message about battery health.

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