Liquid Damage- Rice is Only a Starting Point

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Sleek, smart, fast, all these words can be used to describe today’s smartphones. Samsung, HTC, iPhones, The devices go everywhere with us and are our lifeline- from the alarm that wakes us up in the morning to the calls that keep us in touch. We have become so reliant on these gadgets that we could not imagine life without them. What would we do when the unthinkable-liquid damage- should occur?

It could happen in a variety of ways- perhaps a drink near your device, phone playing music next to a pool, maybe your phone is in the kitchen while you read a new recipe from your smartphone- and PLOP! It goes right in the sink! Every smartphone owner’s dreaded moment- liquid damage.

In the pursuit of a D.I.Y. option, many people have heard that rice is a great option for fixing a water damaged phone. While rice is a great start for drying out excess moisture, it cannot repair internal damage, in any way. 


The truth of the matter is, the heart of liquid damage is what the water does to the deep internals of a phone. This type of damage only has a chance of being rectified if the phone is disassembled and put through an extensive, professional drying procedure.

The corrosion that can occur during the process of liquid damage, can literally eat away at internal components of your smartphone or other electronic device. Some companies produce a type of “water damage kit” that claims to repair all water damage with something as simple as a “drying bag”- but that is not the case! Again, these bags may be very useful in absorbing any excess external liquid, but they will never repair the inside of your device- which is what will ultimately ruin a phone- if not quickly and thoroughly addressed. By removing moisture and not removing the deposits that are left behind you are asking for you phone to rust away from the inside out. Sometimes drying your phone out will work and only because the corrosion that has occurred is actually making the electrical connections in the phone and keeping it alive for a while.



You may be asking yourself by now, how do I fix liquid damage? Easy, bring it in to a professional. At uBreakiFix, we have special equipment and well-trained technicians that offer all-inclusive liquid damage service. We start by fully dissembling the phone and cleaning the motherboard with state-of-the-art ultrasonic cleaners to remove moisture and more importantly, minerals and microscopic debris that would otherwise come back to haunt you. Then while the sensitive “brain” is undergoing a thorough cleaning and proper dehydration, we test all the other components that might need replacing or repairing and install new parts. When we assemble the phone, we test, and test, and test some more!


If you ever have this unfortunate event happen, please remove the battery, and take it to your nearest uBreakiFix as soon as possible. Not every phone is fixable, and if that is the case, there is never a charge to you, the customer. Always worth it in every way!



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