Students Learn About the Repair Industry at uBreakiFix

Company Culture

While it’s pretty common for the typical high school student to break a phone, it’s not every day that they’re given the opportunity to put one back together.

Devin Watson, a social studies teacher at Liberty High School brought a group of her students to the uBreakiFix home office as part of a job shadowing program. The program aims to provide students with hands-on experience in a variety of career fields. 

The students were led by Assistant Trainer Marcus Porche and Training Manager Josh Sutton. They roughly followed the same guidelines that technician trainees follow on day one of training, discussing the repair industry and uBreakiFix as well as repair safety and general career questions.

The students were then given the opportunity to tear down an iPhone 3GS. They followed along with an official teardown video and talked about how the device works along the way.

“They had a lot of fun doing [the teardown],” Marcus said. “Not many of them really struggled with it either. One girl even probably could have done the entire thing in 20 minutes. She didn’t mention that she had any previous experience so she just seemed to be a natural.”

Marcus and the other trainers were very impressed with the students’ natural proficiency for repair and attributed it to their familiarity with the devices.

“They’re called digital natives in the education field,” Marcus said. “I think it might just be that knowledge that things are made from parts and so they understand that they’re going to take these things apart sequentially and put it back together the same way.”

The visit almost didn’t happen after an attempt to raise the funds for transportation came up short, but founder Eddie Trujillo agreed to cover the remaining cost so that the trip could still happen.

“Students were truly transcended into the world of technological repairs, one that many of them knew little about,” Mrs. Watson said.” uBreakiFix effectively balanced their diverse business model to allow students to focus on the reality of their own future endeavors in this field. The lasting effect of this experience for my students is one that has motivated and inspired.”

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