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It generally happens before you can comprehend it- the moment your smartphone is damaged. Dropped in water, caught in a rain storm, dropped on concrete, a socket that short circuited your charger- the possibilities are both many and varied. One thing that is always a constant- unless you are a trained professional, it is never a good idea to attempt to fix your smartphone- no matter how simple or straightforward the repair seems.

Let’s start with the following concept: smartphone damage, and their seemingly apparent origins, are not always what they seem. Smartphones are complicated and tricky things to the untrained eye. Components that seem like they have nothing in common are more attached than you think. Issues with your phone can be more complex or much simpler than you would think. Is your LCD out? It does not always mean the LCD is the inherent problem- something else could be causing chaos in your phone- sometimes things simply become detached on the inside of your phone. The possibilities are too numerous to discuss- but do not try and take the problems with your smartphone at face value- always let a professional do that for you.

Cell Phone Glass Replacement

Many people are shocked by what the average smartphone can tolerate- and not tolerate. Not all falls from your hands or pocket are created equal- it’s all about the angle at which something is dropped, the height, the surface it lands on- it’s nearly impossible to gauge until the deed is done.

Joseph from get your phone fixed said that cell phone innards are not for the faint of heart- taking a cell phone apart (or attempting to) can cause nothing short of an anxiety attack in most. Then on top of realizing what a bad idea that was, you have to wonder how many screws rolled off of your table, forever relegated to the depths of your carpet or the black holes that lie in hardwood floors. Much like socks in the dryer, cell phone parts and screws have a tendency to just vaporize into thin air, never to be seen again. The insides of phones are fragile, delicate pieces of technology that, at certain points have not yet been touched by human hands. The wrong amount or pressure, or even the oil on your fingertips can decimate a smartphone’s components. Many average cleaning tools and supplies can strip and fry various components as well as leaving traces of lint and dust in their wake. Something as simple as using the wrong strength of rubbing alcohol could be disastrous- costing you a lot more pain and money than you had anticipated.

Those screws you just lost will not rain down into open hands from the heavens.
Those screws you just lost will not rain down into open hands from the heavens.

There are many people/companies who claim top sell legitimate cell phone parts online. This is convenient in theory, but most of the parts you will find online are knockoffs that are nowhere near manufacturer standards and will damage your phone even further, or possibly ruin it beyond repair. There are many sad stories of people buying random parts online, to open their mail and have a totally different part that is impossible to return- and even worse- the people who pay for parts and never receive them, the seller mysteriously vanished without a trace.

Parts are not the only thing that can be knockoffs, or very far off from industry standards. Not all tools are created equal, either. Low quality tools can strip and damage screws and various components of your smartphone. If you are especially brave and make the attempt to solder anything without being properly educated, you will not only damage your device further, but also pose a safety risk to yourself.

Speaking of safety, smartphones are electronics, they give off electric and static discharge just like any other electronic in your home. You wouldn’t just start poking around the back of your refrigerator without being properly trained, would you? Sure a smartphone is smaller, but you can still be injured, and let’s face it, paying full cost for a replacement phone over repair is often more expensive then the refrigerators most have in our homes.

iPhone 4 Broken Back Glass

The bottom line is, if your smartphone is damaged, or just not working properly, bring it in to the professionals. An expert said that the best part about trusting your phone to the professionals at get your phone fixed is that we offer free diagnostics to everyone, no matter what. We will let you know just what is ailing your phone, the repairs it needs, and give you the reins from there. You’re a busy person with a damaged smartphone on top of it- don’t make twice the work for yourself by playing at home repair- come visit us at uBreakiFix for all your smartphone repair needs!

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