The Last Resort: The Perfect Gift Straight to Your Inbox

12 Days of Tech-Mas

So it’s 4 days from Christmas and you still haven’t tracked down a good gift for a certain someone. You’re definitely limited in your options but lucky for you, all hope is not lost. What if we told you that you can get a practical and thoughtful gift delivered to your email inbox in minutes? Well, that’s exactly what we’ve got for you today. Some of our favorite gifts to give and receive are ones that you can buy online and have delivered almost instantly. We’ll stop teasing and share the best:

Cooking Classes:

Whether you’re Gordon Ramsey or a microwave dinner connoisseur, there’s something for everyone at a cooking class. Most cooking classes have different classes at different skill levels to choose from, from basics to more complicated techniques and recipes. Publix holds cooking tutorials in some of their stores and you can see the class schedule several months in advance. The best way to go about gifting a cooking class is to buy a gift certificate for the registration amount of two guests. Then the giftee can choose the class they want to attend and who they want to bring. Many places allow you to buy certificates online and print them out, or if that’s not an option, create your own certificate with the promise of purchase.

Wine and Painting:

The recent fad of drinking wine while painting has taken the gifting world by storm. There are pop-up locations and storefronts all around the country giving amateur artists the opportunity to sip and paint. Everything that you need to participate in the guided lesson is provided except for the wine. All it takes to create a beautiful piece of art (and some fun memories) is to show up. A gift certificate to your local studio would be a great gift for a mom, aunt, or anyone who loves art and drinking wine.

Meal-Delivery Service:

Everyone has that family member who could benefit from a meal delivery service. From busy moms to the family foodie, everyone has heard the commercials for this service and thought about trying it. Take the leap for them and purchase a gift card or one-meal delivery for them. A HelloFresh or Blue Apron box includes everything you need to serve a healthy and unique meal. Everything is proportioned correctly so that nothing is wasted and you can give them the satisfaction of creating a really cool meal from scratch.

Groupon gift:

Groupon is our go-to for inbox gifts. Choose from a seemingly endless list of local services that are discounted way under value. After you purchase a Groupon, the confirmation with a voucher will be delivered to your inbox within seconds so you can save, print and throw that baby in an envelope. Does your giftee have a dirty car? Gift them a car detailing service. Have they always wanted to learn how to play the piano? Boom, Piano lessons. Has the holidays taken a toll on your giftee? Book them an appointment at a local spa.

Charity Donation:

Last, but certainly not least, you can find out which charities your giftee supports or what causes they are passionate about and you can make a donation in their name. This is not only a thoughtful gift, but it means that you have taken the time to learn something about them and you can both be confident that your gift will be used for good. Plus, a little tax break after the holidays is nice too.

Here is a list of charities that give 100% of their proceeds to the causes they are advocating for:



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