Last Minute Gifts For Mother’s Day That You Don’t Have to Set Up

Tech Tips

Finding a Mother’s Day Gift is not an easy endeavor. Anyone can get flowers or a card, but you want to outdo your siblings and finally take your place as mom’s favorite. If your mom is a tech lover, but not necessarily tech-savvy, choosing the right gift means picking something that will not require too much of a learning curve. As an added bonus, all of these products are available right now on Amazon Prime, so you still have time to order and get them by Sunday.


Here are some Mother’s Day gifts she is sure to love and you won’t have to teach her how to use:



Moms love music. They also love losing headphones and borrowing yours. Make sure that mom never loses her headphones with a sturdier pair in a nice bright color. These Beats Solo2 Wired Headphones are sleek, easy to use and will make Josh Groban’s voice sound better than ever! If you’re working on more of a budget, The AmazonBasics Lightweight Headphones are a great option as well.





Password Book

Is Mom always calling you early in the morning to ask what her iTunes password is or how to save that picture off of Facebook? This colorful and efficient Silk Road Internet Address and Password Logbook is great for holding usernames, passwords and tech support numbers. There’s space for leaving customized notes as well. It may not be the most high-tech internet safety, but as long as it’s kept in a safe place and she doesn’t write down information that is too sensitive, it should be alright. With this Mother’s Day gift, you can look forward to fewer phone calls asking for tech support.  




Laptop Decals

We’ve all driven behind a mother with an excessive amount of family member stickers on the back window of their car, if this is your mother, well now she can decorate her laptop as well. This cute Snoopy decal is sweet for any Peanut lover or if your mother is a Disney fan, show her what Ohana means to you this Mother’s Day.






Tablet Case

If mom takes her tablet everywhere, make sure that it has the proper protection while never cramping her style. These Kindle Fire cases are colorful, poseable and offer good screen protection. If she needs more defense, these BMOUO EVA ShockProof cases are virtually indestructible. They come in a variety of colors and even have a handle for easy portability. 






Tempered Glass

Everybody should have a tempered glass screen protector on their phones. You can find screen protectors almost anywhere and for a range of prices depending on the brand. If your mom is known for breaking her devices, you should hook her up with uBreakiFix Tempered Glass plus a screen warranty. With this screen protector, she’ll have the durable protection of quality tempered glass, plus the guarantee that if her phone screen breaks while the protector is on, her screen repair at uBreakiFix will only be $9.

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