How To Know If Your Device Has a Short Circuit

Tech Tips

“Short circuit” is a term a lot of people throw around when dealing with dysfunctional electronics. Any old malfunction isn’t a short circuit, though. When it comes to small electronics, like cell phones, the logic board is a key component that keeps the phone running. Logic boards are made up of thousands of complex circuits and if something were to happen to a key circuit, the whole device would be compromised. A short circuit happens when the current running through these circuits is interrupted and sent down an unintended path. The term “short” implies that the current’s path has a low electrical resistance.

How Does It Happen?

In phones and other small electronics, the most common cause of a short circuit is water damage. When exposed to circuits, water droplets will create a less resistive path between terminals and the current will never reach its destination. You can learn more about water damage and the havoc it causes on cell phones here. Other potential causes could be the leakage of battery fluids or faulty chargers sending an overload of current into the channels. Short circuits can be dangerous and must be handled accordingly and safely.

How To Check For A Short Circuit

The only way to tell if your electronic device has a short circuit is to open it up and check the key components. This should be done by a professional who is trained in cell phone repair. A device that has suffered a short circuit will usually be non-responsive or have a noticeable difference in functionality. If you think that you could have a short circuit on your favorite device, bring it to your nearest uBreakifix for a damage diagnostic.   


Typically, the only way to repair a short circuit will be to completely remove and replace the logic or motherboard. If you catch it early enough, water damage can be reversed be a water damage cleaning service so that it will not lead to corrosion or a short circuit. So if your device falls into the pool or is left out in the rain, bring it to a repair center as soon as possible for the best chance of restoring it to working condition.

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