Keeping Your Laptop in Good Condition!

Tech Tips

You’d be surprised at how many of us break the cardinal rules of keeping your laptop in good condition- all of the time. From letting it overheat, to letting crumbs and dust accumulate, to leaving your last DVD in the disk drive for the last month and a half. So many problems can be eliminated with some basic steps and regular care and maintenance.

Keep it Cool:

While it can be pretty relaxing to curl up with your laptop and catch up on Homelandit puts your laptop through horrifying stress and an overheating process that could leave without a laptop- wondering what Carrie Mathison will be up on this week’s episode. If you insist on watching your laptop as a TV when you go to bed, take some basic precautions! There are many laptop pads available on the market today- many with built in fans, as well. These are a smart investment- great for at home use or for when traveling. Try to keep your laptop out of the bed if at all possible- or if for some reason you can not invest in a proper laptop pad- think a side table or dresser that is free from clutter and debris.

Another great tip for keeping your computer cool is to always take discs out of the disc drive when they are not in use- you burned the new Kings of Leon CD three weeks ago- why is still in your drive, anyways? When you leave a disc in the drive- your computer will want to run it each time your computer is up and running- which causes undue stress and heating problems to your dear laptop.

When you are not using your computer, and especially when you are not home, unplug and shut down your computer! Your computer’s fan and battery will thank you later, when it does not throw a random shutdown tantrum from being left on for weeks at a time.

Make sure you check your power setting too! Though it is tempting to have everything set to the highest power, it is recommended to switch your setting over to “power saver mode” or “balanced mode”- you will not believe what this can do for both the short term and long term life of your computer’s battery.


Keep it Clean:

One of the first tips to keeping your laptop clean is to make sure to never eat or drink over it or near it- accidents do happen! Again, it’s something we all do from time to time- especially when binge watching episodes of House of Cards on Netflix. Keeping a bottle of compressed air is always smart when you own any kind of electronics, or if you live in any type of house, really. If you see last night’s cookie crumbs in-between your “y” and “t” keys- use that air! Simply follow the directions on the can you have purchased, and go between the keys, and over nooks and crevices to clear out any kind of crumbs or dust bunnies.

Always keep at least one microfiber cloth at your disposal, as it is not advisable to clean any kind of electronics with regular cloths or paper towels. These other materials will leave a lovely streak of lint on your screen, as well as potentially compromising the strength and quality of your laptop. When you want to wipe down the outside and edges of your computer- make a solution using mild dish soap and distilled tap water in a 5:1 ratio (that’s five for water, and one for mild soap). It is important not to use tap water on your laptop’s screen, as mineral deposits can form and damage your screen. Remember, even if you buy a specialty cleaning solution from the store (formulated for LCDs), always spray it on to the cloth, never directly on to the laptop or any other electronic device being cleaned!

If you have tried cleaning your own laptop to no avail, or you have made a bigger mess when trying to clean your laptop, don’t hesitate to come on down to uBreakiFix! We would love to help you with any computer needs- even if it is routine maintenance. Visit to find the location nearest you!

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