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Game consoles- most of us own and use them in some form or fashion. Whether for gaming or Netflixing, you would be hard pressed to find a house without one of these tech staples. Do you know if you are taking the proper steps to ensure the health and longevity of your device? Keep reading to see what you can do to keep your device in line!

A Word on Potential Tenants

Game consoles can become their own horror story when left sitting alone in a dark, carpeted corner. Dust is just waiting to move in and take over your console’s precious internal components. Besides the usual suspects of lint, dust and debris- there are other potential tenants just waiting to get their antennas on a nice cozy spot behind the fan of your device. Keeping your game console clean is the number one way to avoid intrusions from dust bunnies and…other things. So follow these simple steps and the only person residing in your Xbox will be Edward Kenway.

Dust Bunnies
Can you imagine him using your console as an apartment?

Unplug your Device

Before beginning any kind of task with your game console, be sure the unit is powered off and completely unplugged from its outlet.

Unplug and stay safe before handling your device.
Unplug and stay safe before handling your device.

Liquids Not Welcome

Under no circumstances should liquids of any kind be used in the general home maintenance of your game console. With the proper repair knowledge, there are certain circumstances where liquids may be use by a trained professional. When not used properly, liquids can cause corrosion to occur as well as other permanent issues with overall functioning.

…Your Saliva Counts as Liquid

For the love of video games- please stop blowing on discs, cartridges and any other part of a game console. Sure this may temporarily allow for improved conduction, but in the long run you are actually damaging devices and discs. You see, saliva is its own complicated beast of germs, chemicals and debris. Allowing that to come in contact with your device guarantees that all this debris remains stagnant in a damp, warm environment where germs will flourish and spread! Plus let’s face it, if you have a Daffy Duck situation, you may also be looking at an internal corrosion situation.

Use Microfiber/Lint-free Cloths

Give your device a gentle cleaning once a week or so. Make sure any obvious debris is cleared away and that the fan looks clear of debris or anything else that may look troublesome.

Even though he is adorable, we recommend lint-free cloths over puppies for cleaning game consoles.
Even though he is adorable, we recommend lint-free cloths over puppies for cleaning game consoles.No Soft Surfaces

Keeping with the circulation idea, keep your console away from carpets, comforters, blankets, etc. Your device should never be powered on while on any of these types of surfaces, as it will cause the device to pull in excessive amounts of dust and lint. The other issue is that these cozy, soft surfaces will cause your device to overheat just when you are about to defeat Killer Croc…bummer.

Allow for Proper Circulation

We are not talking about your arteries (though side note, take care of those guys!), but your game console. Make sure that the entire device has some breathing room, A.K.A. not being shoved against a wall or into a corner. Ideally, set your console up on a table, free of any other devices and allow for space between the device and wall.

 Final Thought

Game consoles are mostly fun and games, until you don’t keep them clean. There is not a lot of effort involved in keeping these devices in working order, mostly just being aware of its storage and usage conditions. If your device seems to be malfunctioning due to dust or debris, you don’t have to be a hero, you can always stop by for free game console diagnostics at any uBreakiFix location. We are happy to give you the rundown on the condition of your device and assist in getting it cleaned out, if necessary. You can always call your local store for information or set up an appointment here:

See you soon!
See you soon!


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