Just a reminder to fellow Atlanta residents! IPhone 4’s break…a lot…bring them to the guys with the parts and the know how!


Got a wonderful call last night at 2:45 in the morning…

For those of you that don’t know, I’m so dedicated to my clients in the Atlanta area that i forward all my calls to my personal cell phone after hours. On this particular occasion i was very deep in my REM state, that not even the sound of a train could wake me. I’m sure my friend Eddie would glare at me for even mentioning such an insulting scenario. (He lives right next to a railroad that runs in the wee hours of the morning…that’s the price to pay for the high life of downtown i suppose hehe)

So first thing in the morning I take a look at my voicemails and come to find the sound of a young lady…

“I thought you would pick up…I am at a club right now and i need my iPhone fixed as soon as possible…by the way your voice sounds cute…guess you have my phone number now so call me alright”


This made my morning

So back to business at hand! IPhone 4 glass is in! We are ready to provide that speedy, quality service that our current customers have already been privy to. Be careful out there. Drive safe. Go out with your Otter boxes on your iPhones and if you should be some of the unlucky many whom had an accident, we’ve got you covered!

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