Jailbreaking deemed legal by the Copyright Office and Librarian of Congress!


The Eff(Electronic Freedom fighters) made up of contributors to the jailbreaking community have gotten the approval of the US government to continue their practices without the grey shade of their ventures to get to the heart of the iphone OS and provide access to those whom want to make full use of their favored smartphone!

The Jailbreaking community is huge these days. Everyone has heard of cydia, black ra1n, spirit and a whole multitude of terms dealing with the “opening” of software built in a closed format, stopping developers from providing content and users to choose what they would like to run on their smart phone.

There have been a lot of misconceptions about jailbreaking, namely that it is piracy. This is not the case, anything jailbreaking related that is usually spoken about amongst the huge communities that have formed around the practice leads to having more choice than apple provides. Whether it be the way the operating system runs, customization, and buying apps that the app store has deemed “unworthy,” jailbreaking only provides a solution to the unyielding stance apple has taken with their OS. In the end there are several things that can be accomplished with Jailbreaking now being legal. The benefits are very much in Apple’s lap!

1. More phones sold!
With the advent of Android phones tooting open software and less frowned upon rooting techniques allowed, the iphone can now without question provide the same type of access to the operating system and a multitude of applications that would never have made it to the app store. More developers making software, means more options/features for customers, also meaning more reasons to buy the most popular phone on the market!

2. It helps the economy
Developers take a lot of time to learn how and then submit an application to apple for a glimmer of a chance to make it onto their hollowed grounds. Another forum for their works will not only help them take care of the costs to create software that wouldn’t have any revenue stream if left to apple, but it also allows for a venue to have opinions expressed so their software could potentially improve for another shot at the app store big time!

3. Leads to more unlocked phones
Slavery to a phone carrier can be quite a pain for customers. Unlocked phones helped the general populace by giving them more choices in how their service will be. If one provider isn’t cutting it there should be room to defect to another provider so you can get the best options for your lifestyle and service expectations. At&t has been doing a great job with the daunting task of handling the most popular phone on their network, but with defectors will come network alleviation that would greatly improve theirs ten fold. Choice is always the best option. With more unlocked phones being the norm, carries may be forced to create a system where switching is easier and has less penalties so they may lure more customers instead of being tied down by an exclusive experience whether good or bad. Doesn’t hurt apple that more phones are sold if more people can use it on their carrier ­čśŤ

In the end, the freedom to work unrestricted brings out the best products and experiences in the software world.

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