Is Cortana a Perfect 10?


By now, PC users are getting acquainted with Windows 10. So far, the roll out has been pretty positive, but perhaps the most talked about feature of 10 has to be that a certain sassy lady is now on desktops and laptops.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Cortana, she was developed back in 2009 and was first released last April on Windows Phone 8.1. Android and iOS users may snub those rocking a Windows Phone, but Cortana was their little secret. Microsoft knew that she was too good to just stay on a smartphone with lackluster sales.

If Siri wasn’t concerned about Cortana last year, she certainly should be now. 24 hours after launch day, there were 14 million people running Windows 10 and a lot of those users are just getting acquainted with the sassy assistant. To add more fear to Siri, Cortana is coming to iOS and Android later this year. So what makes Cortana a perfect 10?

She Loves Halo

Well, she should love Halo considering Cortana was inspired by Cortana from the Halo franchise. Ask her what her favorite video game is and she’ll reply with sass, “Why, Halo of course!”

cortana halo
Cortana as she appears in Halo 5: Guardians

Image Via: Gamespot

Her Snarky Wit is Undeniable

There’s no denying that Siri is a smooth talker and Google Now is…well, it’s there, but when it comes to snark and wit, Cortana has both of them beat. When you ask her about what she thinks of Siri she’ll respond with, “I don’t know about Siri, so far our conversations have been one-sided.” Burn.

She Doesn’t Forget a Thing

Sure, you can tell other personal assistants to set reminders for events, but Cortana takes it one step further. If you tell her to remind you to buy eggs at a certain grocery store, when you’re AT the store, she’ll remind you.

 She Likes to Chit Chat

You can use her like a personal assistant, but she was programmed to be a pretty engaging conversationalist. Mindless chit-chat is her speciality. Ask her what her favorite sport is, and in like true geek fashion, she replies with, “I think Quidditch would be my favorite sport.”

 She’s All About Higher Learning

Cortana is cloud-based so she’s always learning new things about her users. According to the team behind Cortana, every question that is asked comes in as raw data and is then used to enhance Cortana’s repertoire of knowledge and to continue being the firecracker that she is.


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