iPhone Battery: Maintenance

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There are some simple maintenance steps to follow that can maximize your iPhone batteries lifespan and capacity.

  1. Avoid allowing the battery to fully discharge too often. The built in protection circuit will prevent the battery from draining to the point of irreversible damage. However,  repeatedly allowing the battery to fullY discharge causes unnecessary strain on the battery.
  2. Avoid charging the iPhone in particularly constrictive cases. Some cases do not allow for proper heat dissipation and can cause the battery to overheat while charging which can limit the batteries capacity over time.
  3. Avoid high temperatures. As mentioned previously, high temperatures can severely limit battery life and capacity. Try not to allow your iPhone to remain in an environment above 100 Degrees F for any length of time
  4. If you are planning to store your iPhone for any length of time, charge the battery to roughly 50%. This avoids letting the battery sit at full charged or discharged levels which can produce unwanted strain on the battery. Since lithium Ion batteries continue to discharge over time, even without use, storing your iPhone with a dead battery will allow the battery to continue to drain. This continued drain can result in serious and even fatal damage to the battery
  5. Watch for any signs of reduced battery capacity after one year of use or 300 charge cycles, whichever comes first. If you notice signs of reduced capacity, consider replacing the battery.

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