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Like many modern portable electronic devices, the iPhone relies on a Lithium Ion battery as its source of power. Lithium Ion batteries offer many advantages over the previous Nickel cadmium batteries, although there are some limitations.  A brief education on the Lithium Ion batteries used in the iPhone and how they work is beneficial, so that you can better maintain your iPhone battery.  Many iPhone users are unknowingly shortening the life of their iPhone battery due to bad practices. In this guide we will discuss ways to improve the life and maintain the capacity of your iPhone battery. We will also discuss common ways that iPhone batteries are damaged. But first, let’s look at the major differences between the Lithium ion battery used in the iPhone and the Nickel cadmium batteries of the past.

Table of Contents

iPhone Battery: Lithium Ion Vs Nickel Cadmium
iPhone Battery: Life Span
iPhone Battery: Capacity
iPhone Battery: Maintenance

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