iPhone Apps You Can’t Live Without


There are tons of “Best Apps” lists out there, and we’ve waded through them all to find the ones that you’ll find absolutely essential. Check out this mix of apps that will help you in the arenas of fun and productivity!


If you aren’t using Spotify on your iPhone yet, you should be. For $10 a month (even less if you are a student) you have instant access to their endless music catalog, all commercial free. Spotify lets you search for your favorite songs on-demand, and is home to a massive library. It’s easy to get lost in reading artist bios and browsing recommendations based on your tastes. The team has also curated tons of great playlists, from top new music, to workout tunes, to mood boosters.



Our favorite of the Map Apps, Google Maps lets you explore the area around you, helping you find ATMS, gas stations, and grocery stores nearby. The voice-guided directions let you search by car, public transportation, walking, or bike and provide you several choices of route, including current traffic patterns to get you to your destination as smoothly as possible.



Mint.com hails itself as the best free way to manage your money, and it could very well be right. Get immediate access to information on all of your accounts, and keep track of your cash flow with handy charts and graphs. Mint also offers free bill reminders, lets you set up your own budgets, and gives you advice on account maintenance.



10K Runner, formerly known as Couch to 10K, is ideal for those looking to get back in shape. It is always tough to reestablish exercise habits, but 10K Runner eases you back into training. The app lets you play your own music, interrupting only to tell you when to switch from run to walk, or to give you encouragement. Work your way up from one-minute run/walk intervals to an hour long run, and send your progress to your friends and family.



Buycott helps you put your money where your mouth is, letting you know which products and services come from companies whose values you support.  Take a quick survey to establish which issues are important to you, and then search major companies to find out whether they share your values. You can also use a bar code scanner to find out immediately whether you want to make a purchase. A great way to “walk the walk” for those who’ve been “talking the talk” about boycotting major corporations.


A tried and true favorite, IMDB brings its online database to your iPhone. Check out recent film trailers, look up trivia about your favorite films and stars, read industry news, and find out when movies are playing near you. A must for any film or TV buff trying to remember just who it was who made that cameo in the movie you’ve been geeking out about to your friends.


Venmo is an awesome way to avoid splitting the bill twenty different ways when out to dinner with your friends, or to insure quick payback when someone owes you money. The app accesses your chosen bank account and lets you transfer money quickly and securely to and from other users. You can also send requests, making a note about what the funds are regarding.


Another classic, Yelp lets you access your online account on the go. Search for restaurants and local businesses, write reviews, and take photos with ease. Its best feature is arguably the compass that lets you search nearby for the top rated businesses in your chosen category, making it easy to find the best sushi restaurant, locksmith, or coffee shop while you are out and about.


Much like rival app Shazam!, Soundhound helps you figure out the name of that song you are currently digging. Check out the songs at the top of the charts, hold your phone up to a speaker, or even sing a few notes to have the app keep you up to date on the music you are listening to. No monthly limits, no charge, and generally awesome results.


If you are an avid reader looking for recommendations, or simply to gush about your most recent favorite book, Goodreads is the app for you. Keep track of what you’ve been reading on your own personal bookshelf, write reviews, see what your friends are loving, and add to your to-read list. Great for when you find yourself at a bookstore, wondering what that title was you’d been meaning to check out.


Another classic app that has withstood the test of time, Twitter is one of those rare beasts that is better on your phone than on your computer.  Retweet and respond, read through your feed, and write your 140-character thoughts to send out into the Twitterverse. There has been recent conversation about the social network’s profitability and possible demise, but from where we stand, Twitter isn’t going anywhere. #Recommended


A playful app that mines the data from all of your social networks and lets you know what you were up to on this day in your social media history. Go back in time to relive your glory days, and marvel at how quickly time passes. A great conversation starter and recipe for nostalgia, Timehop is a great reminder of the post of yesteryear.

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  • David says:

    Some good choice here, but….Google Goggles? Seriously? This was a cool app back in 2013. But Google hasn’t updated or supported it really since 2104 guys. Almost 4 yrs. It’s a dead app. What for Google Lens, but in the meantime take this off your list.

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