iPhone 4G Replacemnt Glass Has Arrived!


We at uBreakiFix have received our first shipment of replacement glass for Apple's newest 4G phone, over a month before it has released!  Apple's 4G iPhone, the most anticipated mobile device of 2010, is expected to hit shelves this summer. As manufactures ramp up their production of 4G parts, we have to decided to inventory many 4G parts including the outer glass in preparation to repair the device. Like the 3Gs iPhone and it's predecessor the 3G, the digitizer (the device responsible for the touch screen) is built into the glass and cannot be replaced independently. Like the 3G and 3Gs iPhones, it is anticipated that damage to the outer glass will be one of  the most common issues experienced by iPhone 4G users and will not be covered under Apple's 1-year warranty which does not cover accidental damage. Though the iPhone 4G glass is very similar in appearance to the glass used on the 3G and 3Gs, there are a few subtle differences. The most notable being the small clear circle next to the ear speaker cut-out which will be used as a forward facing camera. Check out the images of the 4G Glass and Mid-chassis below.

iPhone 4G Glass and Mid-Chassis. The Mid-chassis has a series of small clips similar to those found on the iPad.
Notice the small clear circle next to the ear speaker cut out designed for a forward facing camera.

Look for iPhone 4G parts and repairs on uBreakiFix.com which should become available in the coming weeks and stay tuned for updates as more 4G parts become available.

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