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Apple users get giddy around early fall- typically the time of year when OS updates and new products are announced. Think of it as an early Christmas for Apple devotees, worldwide. iOS 8 was the subject of much anticipation and speculation and ended up being the stabilizing update many people were hoping for. While being more design and bug resolution focused, the new update did bring along some very cool new features. From a (much hoped for) handful of updates to the camera application, to the ability to “un-send” emails, get ready to take a walk through the iOS 8 tips and tricks you need to know!

View Battery Usage

The default setting for this capability is to be disabled. Use this feature to see where all your “juice” is going. In addition to letting you know what apps and features are using up your battery, the feature will also make suggestions for how to increase the battery life.

>Settings>General>Usage>Enable feature


Hide Photos from Photo Stream

Are there some photos you would like to keep in your private Apple archives? With iOS 8, this is now possible.

To remove a picture from Albums, “long press” the photo you wish to select.

“Un-delete” Emails

Accidentally move an email to your Trash bin? Go ahead and give that iPhone or iPad a good shake, and your recently deleted emails will return-POOF- like magic!

Shake it out!
Shake it out!

Silence Group Chats

Sometimes you want to be left alone, but don’t necessarily want to be the first to leave a group chat. Thank goodness for Apple adding a Do Not Disturb Feature to the iOS 8 update.

>”Long press” the selected thread of messages>Details>Select Do Not Disturb

Hey, like the song!
Hey, like the song!

Optimize Storage

Storage space can disappear quicker than a cookie on Sesame Street, luckily though, iPhones and iPads can now optimize storage to make more space fort that next app you are hoping to download.

>Settings>Photos and Cameras>iCloud Photo Library>Optimize Phone Storage>Download and Keep Originals

This will optimize the original pictures so they are stored in the most efficient way.

Low Battery Location Option

It’s a Friday night, and you’re out and about with no charger. Between socializing with friends and riding in cabs, there is always the possibility that could lose your iPhone- A.K.A. your worst nightmare. One of the best additions to iOS 8 is the following option:

>Settings>iCloud>Find My iPhone>Send Last Location

By enabling this option, your low battery iPhone will send your last known location to the iCloud, so even if you lose your phone, you know where it happened. And hey, maybe it will be waiting patiently.


Hands Free Siri

You know that feeling when you are trying out that new Chicken Cordon Bleu recipe, and cannot remember how much garlic powder to use? Hands covered in uncooked chicken, if only there was a way to cal for Siri. Wait no more, friend, “Hey, Siri” is a thing.

>Settings>General>Siri>Allow “Hey, Siri”>Use During Lock Screen

Nice to know you don’t even need hands to talk to Siri, right?


Do Not Disturb

Does your iPhone bother you with endless texts, notifications, and seemingly random noises? Now you can enable “Do Not Disturb” so that your free times is just that, yours.

Control Center>Tap Crescent Moon Symbol

There you have it, now you can sleep in silence- just remember to turn your T.V. off.


Store Credit Card

When completing transactions from your iPhone, you will be prompted to take a picture of your credit card, which will then be used to auto-fill the necessary information to complete said transaction.

>Settings>General>Safari>Passwords>Credit Cards>Add Credit Card>Use Camera

The camera will then prompt and assist you to take a picture of your card and store the information for future transactions.

Shift Home Screen A.K.A. Reachability

Whether you have small hands, or just do not care for where the Home screen sits on your iPhone- you can now adjust your Home screen!


Once in Reachability, toggle to enable this screen viewing option. To utilize, gently double tap the Home button and Reachability is at your fingertips.


What are some of your favorite features of iOS 8? Anything you are hoping to see on the next update, readers? Shout out to us via Facebook, Twitter, or the comments section!

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