I’m not a fan of dropping iphones, but I am a fan of falling leaves…


They don’t have this type of weather where i’m originally from. The trees always stayed green, the weather was tropical, and the closest thing to a season change we would have involved storms and hurricanes.

I had a dream where the leaves were falling off the trees. They changed color and eventually shape. From green, to red, orange, then to brown. In my dream there were two other transformations. Some would change white and others would turn black. Finally, the leaves turned into iPhones. At this point i knew it was definitely a dream.

A crowd gathered, shouting to me to save them from their impending doom. Even though the leaves had turned into a more delicate gravity victim, they still floated to the ground, as if they still maintained the weight and properties of a leaf.

I feel that for us in the business of fixing iPhones this dream would be very similar to the reactionary responses had by both customers and technicians like myself. A customer will feel like they don’t have many options, helpless, and unable to save what will undoubtedly kill their iPhone. For us, we feel like time is going slower, the phones can still be saved, and all we need to do is get to them in time before all the ills that could harm them leave their lasting mark.

Might be a weird dream for those who don’t fix iphone 365 days a year, but for me it kinda makes sense, and i’m happy to make what seems like a dream to you a reality.

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