Hungry? Come get your iPhone repaired!


Choices can be numerous. From decisions about which iPhone repair shop to trust your delicate baby, to decisions about what food to eat while your phone is getting fixed…What?

Well that’s just crazy talk! I’m not only promising a quick repair, but a delicious meal! The restaurants in question are Pizzaria Venti, Roasters and Kiku Sushi. They are all in the same plaza where we are located!

So while we operate on your injured child, i.e. iPhone. Have a bite to eat! How many of the other places can promise great service, reliable repairs, and a full tummy with delicious food!?

Also want to let everyone know that we are also located on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, and YELP if you would like to find out the latest and greatest updates from the Atlanta boys at UBREAKIFIX.

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