How your tech can actually save you money

Tech Tips

Saving money and tracking your expenses is an integral part of adulting but with new gadget season upon us, we could all use the reminders to not go overboard this year. So for once, let your tech save you some money by using these helpful apps and extensions.



Mint is an app and website, powered by Intuit,  that helps you budget and track your monthly expenses with colorful charts and simple organization.  After syncing Mint with your bank account, it does it’s best to convert all your transactions into categories like ‘fast food’, ‘bills’, and ‘entertainment’. You are then able to set custom budgets for each of your categories and the brightly colored bar graphs will tell you how good of a job you are doing at staying within those budgets. The site is completely free to use and they also give you the ability to check your credit score. Mint is both a helpful tool and a necessary wake-up call for those who don’t track their spending but never seem to have enough in the bank.



After several Facebook ads suggested that we try Honey, we can definitely say that it lives up to the hype. Honey is a magical Chrome extension that searches the web for coupons and applies them to any online shopping cart. It automatically gives you the best deal that it can find, often being free shipping or a percentage off. The extension works with thousands of online retailers and new codes are constantly being submitted by users. We’re really bummed that it’s only available from a desktop, but it’s still totally worth it.



Target is a dangerous store. Going in for just one thing usually results in $50 worth of things you had no idea you needed. Target is well aware of this and wants to enable I mean help you spend less on the things you need most. The Cartwheel app is a one-stop location for clipless Target coupons. You can search or filter by category and save everything you plan to buy on your shopping list. Cartwheel creates one barcode with all your coupons attached and with one scan by the cashier, all your coupons are applied to your purchase. If you shop at Target, Cartwheel is a must.

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