How To Prevent Playstation 3 Failure

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So you want to learn How To Prevent Playstation 3 Failure?

How To Prevent PlayStation 3 Failure

When first launched in late 2006 it was considered an all in one device, to take over your living room once again just as the PS2 did back in 2001. The PlayStation 3 was equipped with a standard bluray drive that would be future upgradeable to support any new features that would be rolled out for the new bluray standard media. This made the PlayStation 3 not only appealing to an audience for gamers, but an audience for movie enthusiasts as well. All these features in one device at the time priced the PlayStation 3 at $600. It was an investment many gamers were hesitant to buy into, while some saw the value in it’s backwards compatibility of the library of PlayStation 1 and PlayStation 2 titles.


If you’re interested in protecting and  want to learn How To Prevent Playstation 3 Failure with your ps3 or PlayStation 3 Slim, even the super slim PS3, it might be time to invest in a can of compressed air and possibly a stand-alone shelf. The PlayStation 3 is a dust magnet. Over the countless different consoles that I’ve taken apart XBOX, XBOX360, Wii, PS2, etc. the PS3 stands out amongst all of them to be a vacuum for dust. It becomes a very rare find where the console has an absence of dust. There have even been many reports and I’ve experienced on numerous occasion found bugs, roaches to be exact, tucked away in the tiny open pockets of the internal hardware. All this can be detrimental to the life span of your console and increase the chances of overheating the processor of the board.


Like a PC tower, dust can build up and regular maintenance of your console is typically required. The PlayStation 3 should be treated no different. Using a small can of compressed air, or even an air compressor if available, spray around the opening vents that distribute the warm air out of the console. Ensure that you clear out all of the open vents to make sure you are releasing the dust out of the console and to not push the dust further back into it. This will help ensure that dust will not be preventing a constant airflow out of the console and keeping the processors from over heating or ultimately receiving a Yellow Light of Death (YLOD).

Another suggestion would be to keep the console at an elevated level from the floor. If your console is kept on the carpet or tile, it might be next to plenty of other cords or cables for the TV and console that idle and collect dust and build up, which could block the flow of air. Try to keep the PlayStation elevated and in a cool open area enough where it can ‘breath’ and push away the warm air. The launch model PlayStation 3’s can get extremely hot, so this is highly recommend if you happen to own one of these dust ovens. Keeping this high up also helps the console remain out of reach for possible bumps or drops while in use. If your console is on and running at a very high temperature, this might heat up the solder components of the hardware. Any impact that occurs, components on the board might move or lose connection, causing failure of the device. Having your PS3 out of reach can also prevent a common issue we see at uBreakiFix. Younger children love inserting coins, paperclips, toothpicks or any other small object into the open drive of the PS3.

With little effort and precaution you can maintain the lifespan of the PS3 and continue to game for hours and hours. However, if issues occur with over heating, power failure, disc reading issues or you’d simply like to have dust removed from your PlayStation, you can rely on uBreakiFix. We’ll have it back up and running in no time!

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