How to Preserve Battery Life in Smartphones

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How To Preserve Battery Life

We have all been there- that moment when you grab your phone to Google something or put directions into the navigation system, only to realize that your battery is at a pitiful 12% strength, and there isn’t a charger in sight. You rack your brain for reasons as to why your battery is dead after 10 hours, even though you have hardly used it- or so you think.

Cell phones are deceptively greedy when it comes to battery juice- you might think you Preserve Battery Life in Smartphones by keeping calls under five minutes and not watching YouTube videos all day. There are many hidden battery drainers on your phone, but more importantly there are many ways to not let them drain your phone before dinner!

  1. Brightness level- many people do not realize how much this drains your battery, and never change the factory brightness settings. Try going into your phone’s settings and lowering the level, without straining your eyes. Bonus: Making your screen darker is also great for privacy!
  2. Email/social media syncing- Having your email and Facebook linked to your phone is a great advantage of owning a smartphone. You can stay up to date on your work email and your friends’ status updates. The downside to this, is how much it uses your battery. Unless your work email is of the utmost importance, you can probably let it go without syncing for several hours. If anything, you can always do this at night, when you are in bed, many phones offer a “night time mode” for just this type of thing. You can change your phone to only sync when manually prompted, such as when you open the application. Go into your phone’s setting and look at all the options, and adjust accordingly!
  3. Vibration ringtone- Whether it is for school or work, phone ringers don’t generally stay on all day. Instead of going completely silent, the “vibrate” setting is usually a good alternative- for a short period of time. The motor that allows your home to vibrate instead of ring actually uses up quite a bit of energy. Opt for a very low ring or for silent mode, and watch that battery’s life extend beyond your work/school day!
  4. Temperature- ever notice how hot your smartphone can get? Sure it might have been a really intense game of Candy Crush, or you just got really caught up watching videos of those hilarious screaming goats. Whatever the case, battery life degradation begins at 45 degrees Celsius, which is about 113 degrees Fahrenheit. Basically, if you’re phone is pretty warm- give it a rest! Those goats will be waiting for you after your phone has cooled down.
  5. Bluetooth- most of us do not need Bluetooth on constantly, but sometimes it gets left on and steals all your battery! Unless you are using a headset, or Bluetooth keyboard- don’t have it on!

With these simple steps, you can see a world of difference in the length of your smartphone’s battery! 


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