How to Fix an Xbox One That Keeps Restarting

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Looking for a way to fix an Xbox that keeps restarting? Try these easy fixes for an Xbox that turns off then turns back on. This guide covers all current known issues that are causing your console to boot incorrectly, and solutions to get it working again.


Xbox Turns Off Then Turns Back On

Has your Xbox One or Xbox One S been having issues booting correctly? This might sound familiar: you go to boot the game, your XBox turns on… Then turns off immediately. Before you can even get up, it turns on again. If your console keeps restarting, it can be pretty frustrating. Whether it’s from faulty power cables, improper ventilation, a bad power supply or improper user settings, no one likes it when tech troubles keep them from getting their game on. Below, we’ll go over some of those known issues from other users and give you some easy, do-it-yourself fixes so you can get back to slaying monsters and saving princesses.


Power Outlet and Cable

It’s important for your console to get proper power going to it in order for it to boot correctly. First, take a look at the power cable itself going from your Xbox to the power outlet. Does it have any rips or tears (possibly from a furry friend)? If so, first try replacing the power cable to check if it works. If that wasn’t the issue, take a look at both connections to the Xbox and your power outlet to make sure both are fit snug. You’ll also want to make sure if you are running to a power strip that it is functioning properly as well.

An easy way to check on this is to connect another device you know works. Plug it in and see if the same outlet gives power to the other, properly working device. If the power cable works with another device, and the outlet does too… It’s time to start checking the Xbox itself for issues.



Faulty Power Supply

If your power supply is starting to go bad, that could also be the cause of your booting woes. To fix it, we’ll try a power supply reset by turning off the console and unplugging the power cord from the back of the console. Wait about 10 to 15 seconds, then go ahead and plug it back in.

Did it work? If not, check to make sure the light in the front of the Xbox is turning on when your console boots up. It should be either orange or white. If it does come on, then your power supply should be working properly. If there is no light, however, you’ll want to do a long reset by turning off the console and letting it sit for about half an hour. After this, try turning the console on and see if the power supply lights go back on. If not, it looks like it may be time to replace that power supply.


Poor Ventilation

A very common problem for Xbox users have when their gaming console isn’t booting properly is bad ventilation.  If your console is getting very hot after booting or you’re receiving a message on your console that you have improper ventilation, the best place to start is by turning off your console and moving it to a well-ventilated area. Once you’ve done this, wait about one hour to let it cool down. You should also take this time to make sure all air vent ports on your Xbox are free of any debris. At this point, you can restart the console and see if you are having the same issue. If you do, then it may be best to take it in to your local professional so they can take a look at the inside.


Update Your Settings

Another easy-to-fix issue is having the incorrect settings on your Xbox, causing it to boot irregularly. First you will need to turn on your console and reach the Xbox Live home screen. Go to the Settings bar and select Power & Startup as well as Turn Off after. You will then be able to select how long you want the console to stay awake during inactivity before it automatically boots down.

If you’ve read through this article, followed all our steps above, and still are having issues… It might be time to get an expert. It’s best not to try and open it yourself, as pieces inside can be very delicate. You don’t want to cause any extra damage to your precious console! You can speak directly with Microsoft Support or go into your local uBreakiFix so their professionals can take a look at your console. At our stores, you’re welcome to bring it to a console repair expert for a free diagnostic anytime; no worries, and no commitment necessary.


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