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We rely on our phone speakers for a multitude of things— taking calls, listening to music and podcasts, watching videos, playing games, and the list goes on. If your phone speakers stop working or start sounding wonky, don’t worry, you don’t have to ditch your current smartphone for a new expensive one. Here’s the complete breakdown of how to fix your phone speakers.  

How do my phone speakers work?

While your phone speakers are smaller than the speakers on your television and sound systems, they don’t actually work any differently. Speakers contain a metal coil called an electromagnet, which creates a magnetic field when an electric current flows through it. Within the speaker, the electromagnet is situated next to a permanent magnet whose position is fixed. When electricity passes through the electromagnet, it is pulled to and pushed away from the permanent magnet as the direction of the magnetic field changes. This causes a vibration back and forth. The electromagnet is attached to a cone made of a flexible material like fabric, plastic, or paper. This cone then amplifies the vibrations, pumping the sound waves into the air and towards our ears.

How many speakers does my phone have and where are they located?

Most smartphones have two speakers. The popular iPhone 8 has two speakers. One is located at the bottom of the phone, under the right grille, while the second speaker is in the earpiece near the top. Similarly, the Google Pixel 2 also has two speakers, with one near the top with a microphone, and the other near the bottom with a microphone. If you aren’t sure about your own smartphone, check your manual or google it.

how to fix phone speaker

What does each do?

Phone speakers do what you need them to do— deliver sound to your ears. You can take calls, watch videos, listen to music, etc. Your phone’s internal speaker is what you hear on a regular phone call, sans speakerphone mode. It features a lower volume output since it’s designed for having it pressed into your ear. Your phone’s external speaker is what allows you to hear your phone ringing or the music you play from Spotify or the videos you watch on YouTube. That speaker is meant to be louder, as you are using it away from your ears. Your phone’s speakers work together to give you the best sound experience they can offer. If you’re looking to upgrade sound quality, it’s best to use a Bluetooth speaker or plug your phone into a sound system though.

Can I fix my phone speakers separately? 

If you’re having issues and want to know how to fix your phone speakers, you’ll likely have to take them to a specialist to get repaired. Depending on the problems with your speakers, the solutions will be different. If you can’t hear anything at all coming from your speaker, it’s probably a hardware issue. However, if the sound is distorted or fading in and out, it could be a software problem. You can always try to reset your phone first to see if that fixes the issue— but be sure to backup all of your saved data first. If your phone speakers are still not working, take the device to a repair shop like uBreakiFix and they can fix the speakers— either separately or together depending on the diagnosis.

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