How do I Clean My Wireless Mouse?

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How do I Clean My Wireless Mouse?

If you use your Wireless Mouse or Apple Magic Mouse at work or at your home then you might notice that it tends to get a little grimy at the bottom after frequent use. This buildup can make the mouse difficult to use and you may find that it is unresponsive or sluggish. If you think that your mouse could use a good cleaning and you’re wondering how to clean your wireless Apple mouse, here are the easy steps:

How do I Clean My Wireless Mouse

How to clean your wireless mouse:

  1. Disconnect the Bluetooth capability and turn the wireless mouse off.
  2. Use a damp cotton pad or queue tip to clean the sensor, located at the front underside of the mouse.
  3. Dab a small amount of dish soap and water on a cloth to clean the underside tracks and center.
  4. Take the cloth and clean the desk area that you typically use the mouse on, as well. Dust around this area more frequently as a dust buildup can make cleanings increasingly necessary.

Be careful:

  • Be careful to avoid using liquids near the charging hole at the back end of the mouse.
  • Avoid using rubbing alcohol to clean the mouse as it could strip paint and seep into the creases to wreck havoc on the central circuitry.

Mouse settings

How do I Clean My Wireless Mouse

If your wireless mouse is clean, but you still think that it moves too slowly, you can adjust the settings by opening System Preferences > Mouse.

Here, you can change the scroll direction, the smart zoom, and the tracking speed. Increasing the speed of the tracking speed will make the cursor move faster across the screen with less physical mouse movement. There is no standard tracking speed, but everyone has their own preference. Play around with these settings and decide what feels best for your needs.


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